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Project Background:

Andrew and Margie had recently purchased their gorgeous 240-year-old townhouse in Alexandria, and although there were updates they wanted to make, they knew remodeling would be a challenge given the home’s age and history. They were seeking an experienced and trustworthy design build firm that could work around these challenges to deliver a smooth renovation process.

Why did you hire BOWA? “Enthusiastic and attentive right off the bat.”

Andrew and Margie had heard of BOWA’s reputation through friends, and after speaking to several contractors, they felt as though the decision was a no brainer. “BOWA’s experts really made sure we knew that our home would be taken good care of,” explained Margie, “They were enthusiastic and attentive right off the bat, which made us feel confident that we were choosing the right firm.”  

What did you appreciate most? “The transparency and regular updates.”

When discussing what they appreciated most, Andrew and Margie highlighted how communicative BOWA’s experts were, explaining that, “Our Project Leader, Project Manager, and Production Manager were all very responsive and paid such strong attention to detail. We really appreciated the transparency and regular updates about where our project stood.”

What was unexpected? “The lack of stress or concern we felt.”

When asked about what came as a surprise, Margie stated that, “While it was definitely a little confronting to see our house stripped down and under construction, I always had great confidence in BOWA delivering a beautiful end result.” She went on to describe how, “It was amazing to watch the process unfold, and I never had any doubt that our project was in good hands. Our Project Leader, Jim, was absolutely exceptional.”

Advice to others considering a project? “Beware of the temptation to go with the lowest cost option.”

Andrew and Margie’s biggest piece of advice to others interested in remodeling is to, “Beware of the temptation to go with the lowest cost option. This can result in many hidden problems and significantly more expense down the line. It pays off to prioritize quality craft and full-time, on-site supervision.

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Photography by Nova Soul