Designer’s Desk: The Truth About Trends

Classic Design is Timeless

Let’s talk about design trends! In my most humble design opinion, classic design is always on trend and will never go out of style. There is just something about clean lines and a neutral palette that works across numerous design styles and personal tastes. Taking a minimalist approach and reducing excess ornamentation, decoration, and clutter offers a sleeker and more sophisticated outcome. Often times, less is definitely more!

This kitchen that we collaborated on with Sarah Armstrong of Studio 360 and Betsy Delisi of Lotus Interior Design will stand the test of time with its warm & natural palette, rich wood tones, and complimentary white cabinets & countertops. Notice how the soft brass hardware adds a contemporary feel to the space without being too overbearing or challenging its classic design.

The introduction of the sea foam green color creates a visual focal point while giving emphasis to the decorative glass display cabinet. This display cabinet serves as a space where accessories can easily be changed out over time to refresh the personality and relevancy of the space without breaking the bank!

See more photos of this gorgeous BOWA renovation here.

Consider the following budget-friendly ways to remain “on trend” while adding personal style to your next DIY project:

1.) Temporary Wallpaper 

Add personality to your spaces with this easy peel & stick technology with numerous design styles to choose from. Here are two of my current favorites:

Moody Blooms!
Try in a powder room with a painted vanity cabinet and delicate sconces for a bold statement. These rich colors and over-scaled blooms create a true jewel box of a space.

Loving this whimsical idea for a child or teen room. Try behind the bed for a statement that is both cool and calming.

2.) Paint

Get your green on with Shermin William’s 2022 color of the year and paint a small room or accent wall in your home.

3.) Hardware

Addison Week’s hardware is jewelry inspired and fashion forward. Try a bold statement on your kitchen cabinetry – and don’t forget about those appliance pulls!

Embrace the current brass trend and try mixing metals or incorporating some unique stones. You can start in a powder room to make a big impact, but make sure to be mindful of the finish combinations you choose and what works with your home’s existing hardware. For example, if you have polished brass door hardware & hinges, try a combination finish that includes brass or opt for a nickel finish that complements brass.

How fun is this sleek and stylish brass and tortoise appliance pull?

4.) Portable Lighting & Accessories

Replace outdated table lamps and accessories with current styles to add personality and pizzazz to your spaces. Check out Jamie Young Company and Regina Andrew for some excellent options!

Remember, trends come and go, but your home’s architecture is here to stay. Opt for a more classic design style, but have some fun with the smaller details that can more easily be changed out!

Design 101 Formula: Classic Design + Refined Details & A Touch of Personality = A Look That Will Transcend Time and Remain on Trend!

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