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Project Background:

After downsizing from her single-family home, Meryl was looking for a Bethesda condominium to fit her everyday needs. She found a great unit, but previous owners had made changes to the original layout that stifled the flow from the main living area to the back of the unit. Also, the master bathroom had not been updated since it was built in 1990. After interviewing a few companies, Meryl chose BOWA to help make her new condo exactly what she wanted.

Why did you hire BOWA? “BOWA just impressed me”

When asked about the hiring process, Meryl told BOWA that she interviewed some small companies and a competitor of BOWA, but ultimately chose BOWA. “BOWA just impressed me,” she recalled. “From the very first conversation, I was told ‘We’re not cheap, we provide great service and we charge for it.’” She continued, “I knew I was buying the experience of working with people who were going to make my life easy and stress free, and I needed that.”

What did you appreciate most? “Working with a company with good contacts”

The weekly meetings with her project team were most helpful to Meryl. “I loved the meetings. I didn’t have to do any preparation. I just came, received information and gave my feedback. It was great,” she explained. Meryl also appreciated the practice we call a “Sub Walk.” She laughed, “You had all the sub-contractors come at the same time to give estimates. It cracked me up! Here are 10-12 people walking around the unit, and my cat was in the middle making sure everyone was okay.” She continued, “It just made sense. That’s one of the benefits of working with a company with good contacts.”

What was unexpected? “Neighbors told me they like BOWA doing work in the building”

Remodeling in a condo unit is an intricate process. On top of the concerns of construction, neighbors are much closer than single-family living. Meryl described how her concern was for her neighbors during the project, “I was very worried about my neighbors. That’s one of the reasons I went with BOWA, because I have never lived in a condo before, I was new to this building, and I didn’t want people to be annoyed at me.” She continued to explain how BOWA’s team helped to alleviate her concerns with condo-specific initiatives like putting protective plastic in the common areas and creating a great relationship with building management. By the end of the project she even had neighbors commenting on BOWA’s work, “Neighbors told me they like BOWA doing work in the building because they really made an effort to make it easy on people.”

Advice to others considering a project? “I would highly recommend BOWA”

When asked her advice to others considering a project, especially renovating a condo, Meryl replied, “I would highly recommend BOWA.” From start to finish, she explained how she enjoyed working with the team, “I liked the professionalism and friendliness. I just felt like people cared that I was going to be happy. The organization, the follow through, the preparation was great.” Specifically, her Project Leader, Adam, and Project Manager, Tom, helped to make her experience the stress-free and easy experience she wanted. She said, “Adam was great. Even now, he still stops by and I feel like he has a vested interest in the place, and Tom was pleasant, responsible and worked really hard.”

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