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Gorgeous Alexandria Townhouse Renovation

Homeowner Challenge:

After purchasing this beautiful townhouse built by Captain John Harper in 1784, these Alexandria clients were looking to implement several functional and design updates on each floor. However, there were various challenges to consider given the age of the home. The existing heating and cooling system was inefficient, the floors and ceilings were out of level, and the walls were made of solid masonry.

The BOWA Solution:

This unique project consisted of a kitchen, patio, bathroom, laundry, and fourth floor renovation, as well as a complete HVAC replace. BOWA’s experts rerouted all plumbing and electrical wiring and leveled out the floors and ceilings. On the first floor, there is now a charming powder room and expanded hallway leading into the kitchen. The new kitchen features a sliding door and large window overlooking the courtyard that supports the old brickwork three stories up. Outside, the existing flagstone patio was refurbished to enhance the beauty of the exterior space. Upstairs, the primary bath was completely redesigned and transformed into a blissful oasis. In the primary bedroom, the new closets include extra depth, taller doors, and the molding mimics the 240-year-old woodwork. Lastly, the laundry room was updated for additional storage and functionality. From the demo phase to the finished product, all challenges were successfully navigated, and the clients are thrilled with their new home.

Project Highlights:

  • Marble kitchen backsplash
  • Large kitchen window overlooking courtyard
  • New sliding patio door
  • Mural bathroom wallpaper
  • Large, elegant soaking tub

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  • Design by Andrew Singer, BOWA
  • Photography by Nova Soul