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Project Background:

With a large family and growing children, Ed and Megan Kinsella began feeling as if their home could no longer accommodate their busy lifestyle. Feeling hesitant about moving, they decided to consult the experts at BOWA to see if there was a way for them to remain in their beloved Arlington home. Their primary concern was creating an addition that could blend well with their existing house, which was built in 1909. BOWA ultimately helped them achieve their goals, and their home is now suitable for their whole family’s needs.

Why did you hire BOWA? “My parents had completed a successful renovation with BOWA 25 years ago.”

When asked why they decided to hire BOWA, Megan stated that, “My parents had completed a successful renovation with BOWA 25 years ago. Because they had such a positive experience, using BOWA has always been in the back of our minds.” After thinking hard about what their project would entail, Ed and Megan decided to interview multiple local contractors. Ed explained how, “While the other firms we spoke to were very nice, we felt that their additions were not as well-incorporated into the existing houses as BOWA’s.”

What did you appreciate most? “The start-to-finish timeline was essential, and BOWA did not let us down.”

Ed highlighted how, “Besides the beauty of the construction, what we appreciated most was the efficiency with which the project was done. We honestly believe that our project manager is a genius in time management and craftmanship.” He went on to explain how, “BOWA promised they would have everything in place so that once we broke ground, all would move quickly, and we really appreciated the follow through. The start-to-finish timeline was essential and BOWA did not let us down.” 

What was unexpected? “How appreciative our neighbors were.”

Despite being initially concerned that their project might inconvenience others living on their street, Megan noted that, “We were pleasantly surprised by how appreciative our neighbors were throughout the construction process. Whenever we ran into them, they always spoke highly about BOWA and commented on how friendly and courteous everyone was.” 

Advice to others considering a project? “You will not be disappointed when paying more.”

When asked what advice they would give others considering a project, Ed stated that, “When deciding between contractors, go with a company like BOWA that provides fulltime supervision and ongoing customer service support. You will not be disappointed when paying more for quality materials, fantastic workmanship, and an overall great experience!”

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