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Project Background:

With three school-aged children, the Primis family wanted to create spaces in their Chevy Chase home that they could all enjoy together. Planned in phases, the project entailed a beautiful rear-yard transformation featuring a new pool and entertainment pavilion, as well as a thoughtfully designed lower-level renovation including a media center, multiple gathering areas and a kitchenette with bar seating.

Why did you hire BOWA? “Hassle factor would be taken out”

“We hired BOWA because we knew the hassle factor would be taken out,” said Tara Primis, who was the primary contact with BOWA during the projects. “Knowing that BOWA’s team would manage the entire process, handle the inevitable bumps and deliver an easy, hassle-free experience was critical to us.” The Primis’ learned of BOWA through their interior designer, who happened to also be a BOWA client, and through relationships at their children’s school. While they interviewed a few other firms, it was BOWA’s people and reputation for integrity that won them over. “It was a relief knowing we could trust and depend on our builder to be respectful of our home and always do the right thing.”

What did you appreciate most? “Peace of mind”

When asked what she appreciated most, Tara emphatically replied, “Peace of mind.” She then went on to describe what she called the different “pillars of peace of mind.” Tara started by highlighting the value added by the full-time project supervisor. “The onsite project manager makes the process easier and less stressful,” said Tara. “Going in we didn’t have a sense of how many people would be involved in a project of our size, but once you see it you appreciate the PM’s role even more. There was a cast of thousands and it has to be well organized and managed, as the ripple effects can be significant.” Tara added, “From keeping subcontractors on task and the site clean with dust walls to facilitating timely communications and making sure neighbors didn’t have parking hassles, the PM is there every day to make your life during the project as seamless as possible.” Continuing with the pillars, Tara remarked, “BOWA stands behind its work. Our pool broke three years after the project, and BOWA covered it under warranty with no questions.” Tara explained, “We were willing to pay a little bit more for the excellence and integrity that comes with BOWA.”

What was unexpected? “They just have a really good ‘home-side’ manner”

Tara stressed, “The people at BOWA really go out of their way to lend a hand even if it has nothing to do with the project.” The Primis family has called on the BOWA team for help with a number of handyman-type projects over the years. When asked why, Tara boiled it down to the people and the service. “I think it’s the kind of people they send to work on your house. Those are people who are not only really good at their skill, but they are also good listeners and very respectful of your home.” After praising Adoni and Fredy, who are part of her customer service team, Tara added, “They just have a really good ‘home-side manner.’”

Advice to others considering a project?

When asked for words of advice, Tara encouraged homeowners to get several recommendations from friends and family first. “Then visit lots of projects and if you like what you see, interview those companies.” suggested Tara. She also warned, “Do not assume anything. Make sure you fully understand what you’re getting in terms of project management, selections assistance, managing the necessary trades, warranties, etc.”