Experience, Advocacy, and Technology Drive Results in Luxury Condo Remodels

BOWA’s Condo Specialists Have the Experience You Need for Success

Have you found yourself pondering all the different ways you can breathe new life into your condo? Maybe you’re considering updating the kitchen or bath, installing state-of-the-art technology, creating storage solutions, updating the style, or reconfiguring the entire space. BOWA’s luxury condo renovation specialists are ready to harness the power of their experience, team approach to client advocacy, and technologies to deliver the best solution for you.

Experience Matters

Exceptional, Luxury Condo Renovation in Chevy Chase, MD

While there are many parallels between single-family-home and condominium renovations, there are also many differences given the commercial nature of the structure. Among the elements that are heightened in condo remodeling are the common desire to optimize every square foot and the need for a thoughtful lighting plan.  Additionally, the building logistics, systems, and approval processes present a unique set of challenges. Navigating these can be a nightmare if you’re working with a builder who specializes only in single-family home renovations, and therefore doesn’t know the methodologies required to bring this kind of project to life successfully.

BOWA knows this all too well, which led to the creation of our own division dedicated to renovating condominiums. Having worked in over 40 premier buildings, our luxury condo renovation specialists understand what it takes to navigate these highly desired complexes. This is what sets us apart from other condominium renovators; the experience and knowledge gained from various projects over the years, allow us to operate with an efficiency and understanding that other companies do not possess.

BOWA Condo Client Experience Profile - Larisa Looby

BOWA’s Team Approach to Client Advocacy

Our luxury condo renovation specialists recognize that it’s important to examine the root of what the homeowner is looking for, and to provide feedback on the best possible solution that will fit their needs. This not only gives the homeowner all the information they need to make an intelligible decision but also allows them to consider possibilities they wouldn’t have otherwise.

BOWA’s Process

At the beginning of the process, the Project Leader steps in as the single point of accountability guiding the homeowner through every step of the process.  They help to analyze your needs and define the scope of the project, collaborate with the condo design team and other experts as needed, facilitate weekly meetings, and ensure the design process stays on schedule. As the design progresses, they also involve the Production Manager who serves as the filter for what is feasible and how much it will cost. They are your value-engineering advocate and the go-to source when fleshing out any technical grey areas within the project scope.

Once construction begins, the Onsite Project Manager becomes the lead, and takes day-to-day ownership of the project; from managing the construction schedule to coordinating subcontractors and vendors, the Project Manager is the point of contact and advocate for the client. These renovations can bring challenges when dealing with building logistics, neighbor concerns, condo board oversight, and unforeseen circumstances, but the Onsite Project Manager ensures a quick resolution when they present themselves.

BOWA Condo Project Manager

This remarkable joining of BOWA’s Project Leader, Production Manager, and Project Manager is the difference between a project gone awry, and a project worth raving about. The impact this group has on the success of each project should not be underestimated, it’s one of the many reasons that more than 85% of our condo projects come from returning clients and referrals. BOWA has truly built this Condo Team with client advocacy at heart to ensure that you, and the people within your building, have a great experience throughout the entire condominium renovation process.

Virtual Project Planning and Updates When Needed

When the coronavirus pandemic first presented itself, BOWA quickly embraced technology as a means to keep project planning moving along safely, using Zoom for virtual meetings and Bublup for sharing inspiration photos, budgets, and plans. Interestingly, we found that collaborating in virtual space was a very efficient way of reviewing plans with clients and making edits in real time based on feedback. Evaluating materials and making selections were also possible working remotely thanks to virtual showroom visits and samples sent overnight. While Virtual Project Planning remains an option for all clients, it’s particularly helpful for condo owners who are planning a project in the DC area but are out of state due to a second home, travel, or business. A thorough planning process is indeed possible while saving you the cost, hassle, and time required for travel.

BOWA’s use of technology and virtual tools also extends to the construction phase of the project.  When it makes sense for the client, our luxury condo renovation specialists can facilitate weekly meetings via Zoom, share progress photos and videos via Bublup and even conduct final walkthroughs via FaceTime. Again, these options are available for all condo clients, but are particularly valuable for condo owners who may be out of area.

With the amount of time spent at home, consider the return on investment you could receive by maximizing the space within your condo, and creating an environment that you can enjoy with family and friends. While taking the first step might seem like a giant leap, BOWA’s Luxury Condo Renovation Specialists stand ready to make sure every additional step of the process feels manageable to the homeowner.