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Project Background:

After her kitchen flooded, Bari looked to BOWA to assist with the repairs, but also wanted to take advantage of the unfortunate event to make updates to her first floor. BOWA guided her through managing the insurance claim, as well as transforming her kitchen and first floor into the sleek, contemporary space she envisioned.

Why did you hire BOWA?  “We wanted someone we could trust, and that’s BOWA”

When asked why she hired BOWA, Bari explained with confidence, “In part because of their reputation and quality of their work, but also because I knew BOWA employees from our community and knew I could trust them to do the job.” She admitted that her friends were surprised she chose BOWA because she’s known to find the best deals. Bari says, “I tell everyone it was worth every penny. We wanted someone who could do quality work and someone we could trust, and that’s BOWA.”

What did you appreciate most?  “The attention to detail…we thought through how I would use the space”

Among other things, Bari was impressed with the attention to detail throughout her remodeling experience, especially during the design phase. “They walked me through the imagination process and really made me think about how exactly I was going to use the space.” She explained some of the questions that she hadn’t thought of like, “which hand are you going use to pull this open,” and, “how tall does this countertop need to be?” She said, “We made a few mistakes, but for the most part we thought through how I would use the space before construction even began.”

What was unexpected?  “Everyone took pride in their work and wanted to make sure everything was right”

Bari was surprised by a few things throughout her project. First, how helpful her Project Leader, Jim Harris, was when working with their insurance company. “There were things we didn’t factor in initially when working with our insurance adjuster, like the cost of moving all our furniture out and putting it in storage. We didn’t know to account for those things, but thankfully Jim did.” Also, the quality of work and professionalism of BOWA employees and subcontractors. When talking about BOWA’s full-time project management, Bari said, “Frankly, I wondered if it was a budget-waster, but it turned out to be a big benefit,” she continued, “I had acted as general contractor for our previous renovation and what I found with the subcontractors was when something went wrong, there was a lot of finger pointing and with Dylan here there was none of that.” She explained, “All the craftsmen BOWA uses are true craftsmen. Everyone took pride in their work and wanted to make sure everything was right.”

Advice to others considering a project?  “Ultimately, I’m not sure you’re saving that much money by going with a cheaper contractor”

When asked if she had any advice to others considering a project she said, “I would say, you can go with a cheaper company, and I understand why people do, but you will see the difference in the amount of time and stress you save. Ultimately, I’m not sure you’re saving that much money by going with a cheaper contractor.” She said the process-oriented methods BOWA utilizes saved her time and stress throughout her entire renovation making it an enjoyable remodeling experience.

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