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Doug & Alison

Project Background:

Having lived in their Great Falls home for nearly 25 years, Doug and Alison felt it was time to remodel their kitchen and primary bath, as well as to update their home office and laundry space. BOWA’s goal was to implement a new design that better reflected their style, as well as to maximize the space available for them to host gatherings for friends and family.

Why did you hire BOWA? “We have multiple friends that used BOWA…and their projects are stunning.”

When asked why they chose to hire BOWA, Doug and Alison said, “We have multiple friends that used BOWA in the past, and their projects are stunning.” While they were already confident in the quality of work BOWA provides, they emphasized how, “After meeting the team that would design, renovate and build, we were sold.” Aside from hiring experts capable of delivering remarkable results, they felt it was also important to work with a compassionate and dedicated team that they could trust.

What did you appreciate most? “It was the people that made the experience different.”

When asked about what they appreciated and what made BOWA stand out, Alison said, “We felt that while architecture and design build are BOWA’s core competencies, it was the people that made the experience different.” She also highlighted how she was immediately impressed with the way BOWA experts connected with her family, prioritizing their needs and really getting to the “why” of their project goals. “We developed great relationships with the design and implementation teams,” Alison stated, “and we still keep in touch!”

What was unexpected? “Even during the pandemic, BOWA came in ahead of schedule.”

When asked what was most unexpected, Alison shared, “Even during the pandemic, BOWA came in ahead of schedule.” There is no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic brought a series of remodeling challenges from keeping folks safe and healthy during construction, to the multiple supply chain issues which affected every aspect of the renovation. Recognizing this, BOWA experts implemented various plans and solutions that allowed the team to effectively manage these hurdles. Alison explained how, “BOWA pre-ordered many of the appliances and other items, which kept our project on schedule. They actually finished two weeks early!” With a dedicated project manager onsite every day, the couple felt reassured that all aspects of their home transformation were being taken care of and that no issues were going unresolved.

Advice to others considering a project? “Look at as many photos as you can…BOWA will help integrate those.”

Alison recommends, “Look at as many photos as you can of things you like. BOWA will help integrate those into a beautiful outcome.” In order to achieve a clients’ dream home, it is crucial to pay close attention to their preferences and what inspires them. At the start of a project, during an inspiration meeting, BOWA’s In-House Design Team gathers enough insight to create mood boards that reflect a desired aesthetic. BOWA strives to have the design feel just right to the homeowners before moving on to the construction phase of the renovation, which Doug and Alison appreciated tremendously.

And now a few words from Sadie…

“Dear Fabulous BOWA team,

I just want to say thank you for putting this vent in the kitchen so I can naps on top of it and stay warm. It’s a perfect place for me to rest and be near my family. When my family leaves me there is another warm vent near the door to the garage where I rest and stay warm while they are gone. You did a great job with all the vent locations for me! Our family is so happy in our new kitchen, we enjoy it and just want to say thanks again for everything!

With lots of tail wagging,

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