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Project Background:

Leigh Scott and her husband, Mark Cohen, live in a 1975 split-level house that was dark and cramped on the main level. The challenges became particularly obvious to Leigh as she worked in the small, dated kitchen to complete assignments for her chef certification classes. Over the years they had also found that the floor plan did not allow them to easily entertain guests. The sunken living room created a tripping hazard and obstructed the flow of the space. Leigh and Mark knew the kitchen and awkward layout would require renovation to suit their family’s needs.

Why did you hire BOWA?  “The vision to think outside the box”

“When we first discussed the project, we thought we wanted to bump out the front of the home to expand the kitchen in its current location, and met with several contractors who told us this would be possible,” Leigh explained. “But when the BOWA team visited, it was different. They walked around the home and asked us how we use it, and how we wanted to use it. They took the time to understand our needs and then had the vision to think outside the box. They were the only contractor to tell us the significant potential downsides of the original plan.” Ultimately, the solution involved flipping the kitchen and dining room and expanding into the existing screened porch. “It totally transformed our house from a dark, dated, 1970’s space, into a light, bright, welcoming area that we enjoy being in and where we can entertain people,” said Leigh. “I don’t think we would have achieved this same result with the original concept.”

What did you appreciate most? “I don’t think I anticipated being as well informed and taken care of”

When asked what they appreciated most, Leigh replied, “We were very happy to know that our Project Manager was going to be here every day, and that he had everything under control. He would often come to me with questions and ideas, so it was clear that he had his thumb on the pulse of the project.” Leigh continued, “The weekly meetings were valuable too. These meetings ensured that we knew what had happened and what was about to happen. I don’t think I anticipated being as well informed and taken care of as we were.”

What was unexpected? “They built a safe area for us to live in during the renovation”

“I was surprised at how well the renovation went,” Mark commented. “Other people who had renovated their homes had told me about problems that they experienced. We were doing this project in the wintertime, so we were worried about being cold when that part of the house was open to the elements. BOWA installed a temporary wall that sheltered our living area during the renovation from the cold, noise and dust. It was a very elegant solution that enabled us to live here comfortably during construction. It worked out great.”

Advice to others considering a project? “Look at the company’s previous projects”

“Look at the company’s previous projects when considering a renovation contractor,” answered Leigh. “Steve was able to line up a visit to a recently completed BOWA project, which was very helpful. It was good to walk into the home and be able to meet the homeowner.” Leigh even added, “The homeowner spoke about the contractor she had prior to BOWA and the mistakes that were made, such as when she walked in on them putting up drywall with no insulation. With BOWA’s full-time project manager on site, things like that aren’t going to happen.”

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