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If you’re considering a renovation, you’re bound to have questions, and we can help. Below are some of the questions we are often asked as homeowners are starting the process. We’re happy to elaborate on the answers or help with any other questions you may have about a project you’re considering. When you’re ready to chat, let us know.

  • What will my renovation project look like?

    After 34+ years, we know that folks approach the remodeling process differently. Whether you’re an HGTV connoisseur and know exactly what you want or just know your current living situation could use improving, we can help.

    Our team of professionals will guide you through the entire design process, asking the important questions to ensure we have a clear understanding of your priorities and budget. Once the scope is defined, we typically use a combination of traditional plans, 3D renderings, virtual walk-throughs, and more to help you visualize options for the design of your new space. This approach is extremely effective and helps to streamline the process of clearly defining your perfect solution.

    That said, the process is never rushed. We firmly believe it is better to invest the additional time during the design phase when changes are relatively inexpensive compared to the disappointment of missed opportunities or costly modifications during construction. To begin gathering your ideas, visit our gallery.

  • How much does a remodeling project cost?

    Just like when shopping for a car or a home, you’ll find renovation services in a wide range of price points. Level of finish, complexity, oversight needed, rooms and space involved, and more, all factor into what the project will cost. At BOWA, our niche is complex projects that benefit from the advocacy and on-site supervision for which we are known. We’ve found that this type of project typically begins at $200,000.

    In terms of what your project will cost, in preliminary meetings, we’re able to provide reliable ballpark pricing based on the scope that is discussed. From there, if it’s a Design Build project with a relatively defined scope of work, we can provide a Guaranteed Budget Range even before a contract or check is signed. With this agreement in place, if the final budget exceeds the range without a scope change, the homeowner can choose to walk away with their deposit refunded.

    During the design process, we’re developing detailed project budgets to ensure the estimates we provide are accurate. As selections are made, we update the numbers and check in regularly to ensure your dollars are being allocated properly. We competitively bid on projects and pass savings and volume discounts on to you directly. And when the project is fully designed and selected, we’re able to fix the price for the contract. This means your cost is locked in unless work is intentionally added, removed, or changed. Just another example of our Peace of Mind Promises!

    We pride ourselves on the accuracy of the realistic project estimates we provide in the early stages of planning. So, we feel bad when folks who walked away come back later for a “rescue” or simply tell us that they ended up paying as much OR MORE and didn’t get the BOWA quality or experience they desired… especially since it didn’t need to happen! Learn more about our No Pricing Surprises policies.

  • How long does a renovation take?

    When asking how long a project will take, most people only consider the construction period, but there are other phases to consider when developing a complete timeline. Our moderately-sized Design Build renovations typically take 2-4 months in the design phase and 1.5-5 months in construction. There are many factors that would increase or decrease this timeline: project scope, permitting, specialty items, client availability, and many more. Before your project begins, however, you will have a written production schedule with a defined substantial completion date.

    We can commit to the completion date because steps are taken during the design phase to ensure plans are complete, permits secured, and materials readily available before commencement. Taking the extra time upfront expedites the construction process to make your remodeling experience an enjoyable one. To learn more about our design and construction process, click here.

  • What is design build?

    Design Build is an approach to contracting where one party takes responsibility for both the design and construction phases of the project. With one contract to sign and one point of contact, the homeowner also benefits from a more streamlined, collaborative process.

    At BOWA we strive to deliver an unmatched level of advocacy, service, and expertise at each step of the process, from feasibility, architecture, and budgeting through construction and beyond. Based on over 30 years of experience and hundreds of client surveys, we know the Design Build approach is the best way to ensure our clients receive the highest quality results, the best experience, and the greatest value possible.

    That said, we also have a track record of success in working with clients who have already selected an architect or have plans that are already developed. Learn more about how BOWA adds value in these scenarios.

  • Can we use our own architect or designer?

    At BOWA we work in a variety of scenarios. You can hire us to manage the design process by working with our In-House Design Team or one of our design partners. Either way, the process is seamless to you as we remain your single point of contact throughout the entire process.

    If you’ve already selected an architect or designer to work with, BOWA can still deliver great value. Whether the plans are already complete or you want our team of luxury construction experts to work alongside your architect, we can help.