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Project Background:

Bruce Urban and his family purchased a single-family home in McLean after living in a townhome for almost twenty years. Seeing potential in the basement, he called the experts at BOWA to discuss how he could transform this large space into an exciting entertaining area for friends and family alike. BOWA’s in-house design team transformed the basement into a sports enthusiast’s dream and in the process made the space more accessible to the existing outdoor entertaining area.

Why did you hire BOWA? “You could just tell BOWA had done this many times”

We asked Bruce, who had already begun discussions with another contractor, why he decided to give BOWA a call. “I quickly realized the other contractor didn’t know what they were doing, but the minute Steve came by, I knew I had found the right people. He was extremely professional, organized and you could just tell BOWA had done this many times.” His Project Leader, Steve Scholl, came ready with creative ideas for achieving his goals and carefully explained BOWA’s production process, both of which made Bruce feel comfortable. While discussing his search for the right contractor, Bruce explained, “It’s kind of scary when you don’t know what it’ll cost or what the final product will be like, but right away I knew we were in good hands.”

What did you appreciate most? “I never felt overwhelmed”

Working closely with the design and production team throughout the project, Bruce admits the final product is not what they initially planned, but better. “What was most appreciated was how they handled day-to-day changes because I’m a first-time remodeler, but I never felt overwhelmed. They’d suggest things to me or I’d suggest things to them and just kept improving upon it every day. They were very reassuring throughout the process.” During construction, the team was able to prove their experience as the design changed. An outdoor egress needed to be moved from the originally designed location to enhance drainage and coverage from an existing overhang. Bruce recalled Steve telling him, “Nothing’s impossible, some things are just more challenging than others.”

What was unexpected? “How well they adapted the project from day-to-day”

Bruce believed that in remodeling you create your design, the company builds it, then the team leaves. What he didn’t expect was the process that allowed changes to be made during construction and the continued relationship and support after the project is complete. “What was amazing was how well they adapted the project to whatever was coming up at the time, be it a roadblock, unanticipated construction issue or a new design concept, as the project went from a two-dimensional sketch to a three-dimensional reality.” The in-house design team worked with Bruce through the challenges, like changing one wall that was originally designed to be brick into stone because they realized the look would have overwhelmed the space. When problems arose, Bruce said, “There really wasn’t anything that came up that they didn’t have several answers for.”

Advice to others considering a project? “You have to do on word of mouth”

When asked if Bruce had advice for someone looking to remodel, he said, “You have to go on word of mouth. I received a great referral from my real estate agent who deals with all sorts of people. She said from the beginning, ‘Go with BOWA, they’re expensive, but you won’t regret it.’” Bruce added, “I could have done this for less money, but it wouldn’t have been the same.” When working with BOWA, Bruce said he felt like BOWA was personally invested in his project from day one, and “really took ownership of the project.” Bruce also appreciated the relationships formed during the project. “I had a little party for them after the fact and in the fall, I’ll have them back to watch some football down here. They spent a lot of time here, so you get to really know these guys.”

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