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Project Background:

Having had a poor experience with another builder on a bathroom remodel, Lizabeth Wesely-Casella was cautious when it came time for a kitchen and outdoor renovation at her 1880’s Capitol Hill home. She was particularly concerned about the challenges that might unfold dealing with her older home, as well as the complex DC permitting process. Lizabeth and her husband, David, had ideas in mind, but were eager to work with an experienced designer to create the optimal solution for their family home.

Why did you hire BOWA?  “We felt we were dealing with people who were very honest”

“We interviewed two other design build firms, but when we met the BOWA team we felt we were dealing with people who were very honest,” said Lizabeth. “They were straight arrows and very detail oriented.” She went on to say, “David and I felt we had a good read on our team and we were comfortable taking the risk.” As the project moved toward construction, Lizabeth met her full-time project manager, Don. “We adore, Don,” Lizabeth added. “He is down to Earth and very professional. I worked from my home throughout the project, yet never felt as if my space was being invaded. Don was immediately available as questions arose and a pleasure to have around.”

What did you appreciate most? “The design process was super creative and fun”

Lizabeth and her husband worked with BOWA’s in-house design department to turn their concepts into reality. “Valery never presented us with options that would have blown our budget and we never felt pressured to do more,” said Lizabeth. “She offered us three designs, including one with our original concept, which we quickly came to realize was totally unfunctional. When she pulled out her final design we just knew it was the right approach.” Lizabeth and David appreciated that the design that was ultimately executed allows them to entertain as they wish, enjoy the kitchen together and take pride in their home again. “It’s like being on vacation,” Lizabeth chuckled. “The space gives us such peace and happiness. I have fresh flowers, sunlight and clean shiny surfaces. Lots of families have lived here over the years, but this project has made the home finally feel like mine.”

What was unexpected? “When issues arose, I was never asked to settle”

Lizabeth described an unfortunate issue with the cabinets arriving in the wrong color. “While I felt badly that the situation would require rework, I never felt like anyone expected me to accept the error,” Lizabeth smiled. “In fact, the mix up went all the way to the top management of the company, and the issue was resolved without question. There was no underlying tension, as you hear of all too often, and I really appreciated that.”

Advice to others considering a project?

“If renovating an older home like ours, you should anticipate some additional costs to arise during construction,” advised Lizabeth. “A reliable contractor can give you their best estimate, but the home itself is likely to present some unforeseeable problems along the way.”

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