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Project Background:

Ammar and Audrey contacted BOWA’s experts with the goal of opening up their condo’s kitchen and dining spaces. They wanted to make the overall unit more cohesive, and they were also looking to maximize their beautiful view of the Potomac. To achieve this goal, BOWA’s experts reconfigured the walls to make the main area one large, light-filled space. In terms of cosmetic upgrades, BOWA’s Design Team implemented a bold, modern aesthetic that matches what Ammar and Audrey had in mind.   

Why did you hire BOWA? “We wanted to work with a firm that had the right experience in our condo building.”

When asked why they decided to hire BOWA, Audrey emphasized how, “We wanted to work with a firm that had the right experience in our condo building. Right away, we could tell that BOWA’s experts had the right knowledge and skillset to get the job done.”

What did you appreciate most? “The whole BOWA team was amazing.”

When asked what they appreciated most during their project, Audrey stated that, “The whole BOWA team was amazing, from our project manager who made sure everything was clean and organized at the end of the day, to our production manager who was extremely collaborative and knowledgeable.” She went on to highlight her experience working with Project Leader, Kristin Ikenson, stating that, “Kristin did a fantastic job assembling all the troops and making sure our project remained on track.”

What was unexpected? “How seamlessly other BOWA folks jumped in to help out when necessary.”

Audrey stated that, “One strange thing that happened was at one point during our project, our Project Leader and Project Manager were out on medical leave at the same time. Another BOWA Project Manager was able to step in and take over, tending to our needs and making sure we didn’t lose any progress during this time. That really struck me as a huge positive of working with BOWA.”

Advice to others considering a project? “Think about what you value most from a contractor.”

When asked what advice she would give to other homeowners interested in renovating, Audrey said, “Before you start a project, really think about what you value most when working with a contractor. For some people, it’s cost. Others don’t have a good enough grasp of what they want and need a lot of hand-holding. For us, it was the experience of the company, the assurance that they would reliably manage the project from start to finish, and the craftsmanship. BOWA fit the bill perfectly.”

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Photography by Nova Soul