Is it Possible to Enjoy Remodeling?

BOWA’s Peace of Mind Promises Address Common Concerns so you can Enjoy Remodeling

BOWA You Can Enjoy Your Remodeling Experience What if we could promise you a remarkable remodeling experience? One where you could count on your remodeler to go above and beyond while standing behind their work, deliver your project on time and on budget, and actually leave your neighbors singing their praises. Believe it or not, it is possible.

As part of our client-first approach, BOWA’s Peace of Mind Promises are designed to address common remodeling concerns. Our hope is that these promises allow you to move forward with confidence and actually enjoy your remodeling experience.

It is our number one Core Value and we have numerous rave reviews from clients highlighting ways in which the team – everyone from our architects and project managers, to our accounting staff and full-time customer service professionals – has gone above and beyond. Your dedicated Customer Service Manager is with you as the project winds down and is available for emergency calls, assistance with warranty items or future small projects. We hear how appreciated this level of service is, but unfortunately, it’s an investment in client satisfaction not often found in our industry.

Anxious that material and production costs could creep up and exceed your budget? We have a solution. From BOWA’s Guaranteed Budget Ranges provided before design even begins and Open-Book Budgets to our Fixed-Price Contracts and Change Authorization Pre-Approval, you’ll have line-by-line visibility into where every dollar is spent so you can make educated financial decisions. There’s no mystery, and that’s exactly how it should be!BOWA You Really Can Enjoy Your Remodeling Experience

Concerned that your remodel may drag on without a defined finish date? Not with BOWA. Every project has written design and production schedules with a defined substantial completion date before construction begins.

BOWA’s dedicated full-time project supervisors are tasked with orchestrating the entire construction process, ensuring the project is delivered on time, on budget and according to our high standards of excellence. Our clients praise their Project Managers, raving about how critical their role was in the success of their projects and their enjoyment of the process.

Worried that your neighbors might be inconvenienced and frustrated by your project? At BOWA we have a number of programs in place designed to proactively manage neighbor communications, avoid the usual hassles and thank them for their patience throughout the project. We hear these small gestures go a long way!

If you have any question about the value of these promises, we’d be happy to connect you with some of our clients who have experienced the benefits first hand.