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Project Background:

Amos and Rae were eager to make adjustments to their DC home, originally built in 1935. For their project, they wanted to renovate their entire first floor with a focus on their kitchen, as well as to update the outdoor patio area by their existing pool.

Why did you hire BOWA? “We knew BOWA would be a perfect fit for the job.”

Amos and Rae had made updates to their kitchen about a decade ago, but they were looking to make the space more accommodating for their lifestyle. Rae noted that being a religious family, their kosher kitchen is not only the heart of their household, but also a central place for their community to gather on the weekends. “We had old pipes and needed to tear down walls, so we decided to take advantage of the opportunity to remodel, and we knew BOWA would be a perfect fit for the job,” Rae said. Amos and Rae were already familiar with BOWA’s work and philosophy, so they felt confident that our experts would tune into their needs and priorities.

What did you appreciate most? “BOWA was with us every step of the way.”

When asked about what was most appreciated, Rae emphasized being impressed with how attentive and reliable BOWA was throughout the entire process. “We really felt as though we had great customer care, and that BOWA was with us every step of the way.” She also mentioned, “It was not an easy job given all the restrictions and delays due to COVID, but BOWA definitely delivered.” By providing full-time, on-site supervision and fanatical customer service, BOWA takes pride in knowing clients feel comfortable and assured during their remodeling experience.

What was unexpected? “A deeper appreciation for the magnitude of any project.”

There are so many different players and moving parts in executing a renovation, and Rae explained how her understanding and appreciation for the process grew throughout their project. “We didn’t realize how many parts were dependent on other parts,” Rae said, “It gave us a deeper appreciation for the magnitude of any project.” BOWA experts always make sure to maintain consistent communication with our clients, and that entails keeping them informed about the logistics during each phase of their renovation.

How did BOWA improve your lives at home? “There’s been a huge shift since our project finished.”

In regard to how BOWA was able to improve their family’s lives at home, Amos and Rae highlighted how they never used to be able to comfortably spend time in their living room. “It didn’t feel like a hospitable space as it was dark and cut off,” Rae elaborated, “But there’s been a huge shift since our project finished.” Rae also added that their kitchen is where they spend 80% of their time, and she has really enjoyed being able to see their new space filled with people on Saturday mornings making coffee, snacking, and enjoying each other’s company.

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