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BOWA’s promise to deliver fanatical aftercare goes much deeper than providing a timely resolution to a leaky faucet. It is instead a company-wide commitment to delivering a remarkable client experience long after the project is complete. It begins with maintaining industry-leading construction standards and is supported by a dedicated Customer Service Team that is empowered to do what’s right for the client. It’s certainly not a marketing slogan, but instead a tried-and-true core value that has been with the company since its earliest days and one that has earned BOWA an unmatched level of client loyalty.


Dedicated Team: Our customer service professionals are specifically tasked with serving clients AFTER the project is complete. The benefit to clients is our knowledgeable experts are there when they need them, not off supervising the company’s next renovation!

Emergency Response: Our team is available to assist BOWA Clients with emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year. We’ll call on the resources needed to manage and resolve the issue as appropriate.

Industry-Leading Warranty: BOWA is pleased to offer clients one of the most comprehensive warranties available in the industry. We cover everything on the project for three years and all structural elements for 15 years. Ask others what they provide!

Home Maintenance: Our homes and all the systems in them require seasonal or annual maintenance to ensure their long-term performance and safety.  A regular schedule of interior and exterior home maintenance will likely help you to avoid serious home-related problems, or at least identify issues early to minimize the adverse effects. BOWA’s Customer Service Team is here to help our clients with these important tasks!

Handyman and Small-Project Assistance: Exclusively for existing clients, our team is available to manage handyman work and small projects that may fall below our usual minimum. Clients can be assured of the same level of service and accountability that they have come to expect from BOWA on all of their home-related projects.