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Project Background:

With their kids almost all out of high school, Bob and Michelle decided it was time to transform their basement from a kids play area to an extra space for entertaining friends and family. They called on BOWA to help create a space that includes an impressive wine cellar, bar, movie area and pool table space. In this project, design was at the top of everyone’s mind.

Why did you hire BOWA?  “I liked Jim’s practical, straightforward demeanor”

When asked about why they chose BOWA, Bob and Michelle explained how they began their process, starting with their interview experiences, and why they felt most comfortable working with their Project Leader, Jim Harris. “We interviewed three companies and Jim was the most down-to-earth, no-frills type of guy,” Michelle said. What they imagined as a small project grew into a much larger one, so Jim’s knowledge and confidence made them feel at ease. Michelle continues, “I liked Jim’s practical, straightforward demeanor.”

What did you appreciate most? “He listened to the competing priorities…and understood how to bring them together”

While transforming the basement, there were many design ideas thrown around. Questions like should they include a bar or how to incorporate a fireplace without sacrificing space for a game area, all needed to be answered. Bob explained, “Jim was patient. He listened to the competing priorities we had between the two of us [he and Michelle] and understood how to bring them together.” They had to consider the ways in which they wanted to use the space. “We started thinking about it in terms of experiences. Wanting to watch a game in the theater or the two of us enjoying the fireplace in the morning or having some people over to enjoy wine at the bar.” By working with BOWA’s In-House Design Team and Jim, they were able to finalize a plan that incorporates all the experiences they desired to enjoy in their basement.

What was unexpected? “The design process is really like a game of tetris”

Bob and Michelle explained the whole design process was unexpected. “The design process is really like a game of Tetris – the first step was deciding what we wanted and what’s going to be where,” Bob said. Bob explained it was important to take the time in design to determine how to best incorporate everything. He said, “We played around with different layouts, wants and needs, and came up with a design that balances it all out.”

Advice to others considering a project? “Don’t be afraid to voice your concerns”

When asked what advice they would give to others considering a project, Michelle said, “Don’t be afraid to voice your concerns.” She went on to explain about a situation where a vent above a door really perturbed Bob and when he brought it up during construction, it was resolved. “We were proactive in saying ‘This is important to us,’ and they were able to figure it out. Had we held back, I know it would be bothering us now. So, speak up and tell them your thoughts and wishes.”

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