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Project Background:

Tucker and Kristine wanted to update their kitchen from its small, awkward layout to a more welcoming space that could act as the combined living and dining area they envisioned. At the suggestion of a coworker, Kristine called BOWA to explore their options.

Why did you hire BOWA? “We didn’t even look at other companies. It was nice and easy”

The Shumack’s Arlington home benefits from a generous back yard, something that can be hard to come by in the area. When thinking about remodeling, they anticipated proposals would include an addition into their backyard. Kristine asked, “Well then what do we do with the existing kitchen?” She didn’t want to waste money or the existing space to just “figure that out later.” After their initial consultation, their Project Leader, Jim Harris, took their wishes back to the design team and returned with multiple sketches of how to create the space they desired within their footprint or with only a small expansion. After Jim took that step, Tucker and Kristine stopped interviewing other companies. “Because he was so gracious to do that, we didn’t even look at other companies. It was nice and easy,” Kristine explained. The results reinforced the Shumack’s decision, “The level of quality is something I don’t know other organizations can reach.”

What did you appreciate most? “The communication and being on schedule”

Having experienced a basement remodel about four years ago, the Shumacks were no strangers to construction. They enjoyed their original experience but knew with a larger project they needed more dedicated attention. When asked what they appreciated the most about working with BOWA, Kristine said, “The communication and being on schedule. We noticed that with our basement renovation, things get delayed. But BOWA takes the time to ensure they’re there every day and they’re not doing eight jobs at once.” She continued, “You know you’re getting one of the best services out there. If you have concerns or issues, they address them. It wasn’t a struggle like it can be with a smaller shop or someone doing it by themselves.” With a dedicated project manager onsite every day, they also felt that they were included in decisions that come up during construction. Tucker expanded on Kristine’s sentiment, “Dealing with older houses like this, you always find things you didn’t plan for and rather than papering it over, they would always point it out to us and talk through our options.”

What was unexpected? “I had compliments from my neighbors after the fact”

When asked what was unanticipated, Tucker explained the benefit of open and fluid communication with his neighbors. “Whenever you’re doing construction it’s stress on the neighborhood, regardless of who’s doing it, but BOWA went above and beyond in reaching out to the neighbors,” he continued, “Instead of me being the buffer between the neighbors and the construction company, BOWA became the buffer between me and the neighbors, which was nice. I had compliments from neighbors after the fact.” Kristine expanded saying the project team’s internal customer service was just as attentive. “BOWA’s team is very conscientious of you being put-out. They try to do everything they can to make it feel like you can still live your day-to-day life if you’re still in the house.”

Advice to others considering a project? “A one-stop shop is very convenient for people that are so busy”

With any remodeling project, it can be overwhelming at times. There are decisions to be made throughout both design and construction, but Kristine explained having BOWA as a “one-stop shop” really made her experience enjoyable. When asked about advice for others, Kristine said, “Having a one-stop shop is very convenient for people that are so busy. We’re both super busy people, we don’t have time to be dealing with details.” Tucker suggested, “One of the main things to me is the assurance that they’re not doing eight jobs at once. With BOWA, your project manager is dedicated to your project and your project only. That in itself will cut down on the time that it takes.”

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