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When you embark on a remodeling project with BOWA, you get far more than a pathway to a pretty room. You get an unmatched level of advocacy, process efficiencies, industry-leading best practices, a team that is committed to heroic customer service like no other, and so much more.



Every member of the BOWA team is deeply committed to delivering extraordinary service at every interaction, and we have numerous rave reviews from clients highlighting examples. With heroic customer service at the very core of our culture, everyone, from our Project Leaders and Project Managers to our Accounting Staff and Customer Service Team, is wired to go above and beyond.

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For projects that are more transformational in nature, our In-House Design Team uses three-dimensional (3D) renderings and virtual walkthroughs to make it easier for clients to see and experience how their spaces will look after construction. The coolest part is changes can be made in real time! Without question, these visualization tools make the process more immersive, collaborative, and efficient.

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When you’ve been doing this as long as we have, you know for certain that rushing to start a project too soon is not in the client’s best interest. As tempting as it may sound, it inevitably leads to delays, challenges, and added costs later, which nobody wants. Our process entails taking the extra time upfront, to nail the design, make all selections, and ensure materials will be on hand when needed, to ensure a smoother construction process and far-superior remodeling experience.

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BOWA’s onsite project supervisors are tasked with orchestrating the entire construction process, managing deliveries, subcontractors, schedules, budgets, and, of course, quality control. For mid-sized projects, the supervisor is also performing with “tools on,” but for larger or more complex jobs the logistics alone is a full-time function. Our clients sing the praises of their Project Managers, raving about how critical their role was in the success of their projects.

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At BOWA we have several programs in place designed to proactively manage neighbor communications and avoid the usual hassles. We hear these small gestures go a long way toward keeping the peace between you and your neighbors!

One neighbor, after receiving a small gift to thank them for their patience during the project, commented, “BOWA belongs in a museum for that because nobody does anything like that anymore.”

And, a note from a client, whose project just wrapped up while other builders’ projects were still going on, included, “…BOWA came out looking head and shoulders vs. the other builders…your team’s attention to making sure all the small things went smoothly made a huge difference.”

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