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Project Background:

Kinga Samuel’s family home had great bones, but the kitchen and master bathroom had not been updated from the original builder-grade finishes, and the garage was overflowing with both full-size cars and kids’ toys. The Samuels turned to BOWA to address all three areas, but Kinga was concerned about juggling three kids and a full schedule during construction. Her Project Leader Adam Wertheimer, along with Production Manager John Wiacek and Project Manager Jim Greenzweig, helped to make her remodeling experience as easy as possible.

Why did you hire BOWA? “I trusted the process…so I could just relax”

While talking about the process of hiring a remodeling company, Kinga described what ultimately made BOWA stand out. “We interviewed several companies. It was a big job involving multiple spaces and BOWA promised the core would be done in two months. Because of the management structure, I believed they could do it.” BOWA delivered on that promise. Kinga went on to say, “I can’t imagine another company being able to get through the schedule so seamlessly. I trusted the process and felt like I was in good hands, so I could just relax.”

What did you appreciate most? “They really care, they went above and beyond”

When asked what she appreciated most about working with BOWA, Kinga said, “Hands down the people. They really care, they went above and beyond. I mean Jim plunged my toilet.” During construction, her family moved into the basement while their kitchen and master bedroom were out of commission. She explained how her Project Manager helped during construction, “We were having an issue with the toilet in the basement and I asked for a plumber recommendation and he just said, ‘Let me look at it for you,’ and next thing I knew it was fixed. He just took care of us.” She continued, “I feel like they went above and beyond their call of duty.”

What was unexpected? “Our project faced challenges, but it was pretty perfect”

The whole process of a renovation can be daunting, so when we asked Kinga what was most unexpected, she answered how stress free it was. “It wasn’t stressful. Anytime I’ve ever asked anybody about renovations they’ve said it’s stressful, over schedule, over budget. Our project wasn’t without challenges, but it was pretty perfect, because it was well planned and executed with precision.” Kinga made the selections with the help of the BOWA team, but when they started install there were moments of concern. “Once you make all your decisions and you see it go in partially, you start second guessing everything. Jim, our project manager, was exceptional and because at that point in our project I trusted him, he was able to quell my unfounded concerns and implement the chosen selections. At the end, he was right, it all came together.”

Advice to others considering a project? “Having a dedicated project manager on site is essential”

When asked about advice she would give to others considering a renovation she said, “I can’t imagine not having a project manager dedicated on site every day like we did. There was so much work and having a young family, I would not have felt safe otherwise.” She said having Jim as a first point of contact for the sub-contractors and other items gave her peace of mind. “He was managing who was coming in and out of the house and was the safety guard for our family with three young kids and for this project,” she explained. “If you’re going to live through your renovation then having a dedicated project manager on site is essential.”

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