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Project Background:

While searching for a quiet and peaceful escape from the city, Miguel and Vickie fell in love with this property in Middleburg. However, before making the purchase, they knew that they were going to have to renovate both the home’s interior and exterior. They wanted to update the overall design and flow of the house and make the spaces more suitable for their family’s needs.

Why did you hire BOWA? “A trusted and respected design build firm”

Before deciding that BOWA would be the best fit for their project, Miguel and Vickie met with multiple different contractors. They explained how, “Some of the contractors advised us to tear down and rebuild, but we wanted to preserve the history of the place and pay respect to the previous owners who built the home and had many happy years there. We felt that BOWA really understood our goal.” They went on to explain, “Ultimately, it was the feeling of being able to form a partnership with a trusted and respected design build firm that helped us decide.” They also mentioned developing great camaraderie with Project Leader Tim Burch which helped them feel comfortable and reassured in their decision to work with BOWA.

What did you appreciate most? “How communicative BOWA’s experts are.”

Miguel and Vickie were highly involved in the selection process of their renovation, so they really appreciated how willing BOWA’s experts were to work with them and maintain great communication the entire time. They appreciated “how communicative BOWA’s experts are. We had to pivot directions a few times during the project, and our team was always eager to find the right solutions.” Vickie also stated that, “BOWA’s team was transparent and forthcoming whenever any issues arose, as they almost always do when renovating a home, especially during a pandemic and supply chain issues!”

What was unexpected? “We were able to enjoy the whole process!”

Because renovations are often viewed as stressful and disruptive, Miguel and Vickie were pleasantly surprised by the comfort and enjoyment they harbored throughout the process. “We couldn’t believe how much we were able to enjoy the whole process!” They explained how, “During renovations, we lived onsite in our guest house and would make daily visits to check in on progress and make decisions as needed. We formed a good working relationship with our site supervisor and several of the subcontractors. We really enjoyed watching these professionals work their magic. BOWA has assembled a team of experienced professionals who take great pride in their work. It was a pleasure working with them!”

How did BOWA improve your lives at home? “We truly love our home and are so thankful to BOWA”

Miguel and Vickie feel particularly impacted by the updates that were made to their kitchen. They said, “We truly love our home and are so thankful to BOWA for helping us achieve our goals.” They described the previous kitchen as “Dark, dated, and even a little bit scary”, and they desired something brighter and more open. They highlighted how, “We can officially say that the kitchen is now the heart of our home. With the additional square footage, a new layout, and all new finishes, we now spend a good amount of our time in the kitchen cooking, eating, and hanging out. The house flows so much better and utilizes large windows to capture the beautiful outdoor views.”

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