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Project Background:

The Steindlers had just purchased a house they had admired for years, but knew they would want to make some changes to create the perfect home for their family. Julie and Tom contacted BOWA based on a strong referral from their long-time realtor. Ultimately, the project included renovating the kitchen, laundry room, family foyer and portions of the basement, as well as installing an elevator and wine cellar.

Why did you hire BOWA?  “Communications and expectation management”

Julie Steindler was quick with an answer when asked why they hired BOWA. “One thing that spoke volumes was every Friday Jim Harris would call or email with updates — long before we had a signed contract. Even if there were no changes, he would still check in.” Julie and Tom both saw this level of communication as a value add, which really set BOWA apart. “Jim’s follow through was a positive indication of how BOWA would take care of us as the project moved forward,” Julie added.

Julie and Tom also praised Jim for managing their expectations. She described how Jim reviewed BOWA’s Planning Process in detail, explaining the steps involved in getting from design to construction. Tom highly valued Jim’s forthright communications on the financial side. “When we have all the information we need to make educated decisions well ahead of time, it’s hard to become frustrated” said Julie.

What did you appreciate most? “Our full-time Project Supervisor who was always ready with a solution in hand”

“There are so many moving parts with a project of this size,” shared Julie. “Knowing we had a dedicated person working on our job every day to manage all the players and all of the details was invaluable. BOWA calls this person a Project Manager, but I call him an ‘Expediter’.”

Julie went on to explain how this allowed them to make changes or fixes quickly without a significant impact on the schedule, which she greatly appreciated. “Whenever an issue arose, our Project Manager Jud Hallman was ready with a solution in hand,” explained Julie. “He always presented a range of options, and together we would select the right approach. It really helped to lower my stress level and keep the project running on schedule.”

What was unexpected? “Never an argument and great customer service follow through”

Julie described an experience with a previous builder, where everything was an argument and the situation was very stressful. “There was a huge difference with BOWA,” said Julie. Her experience during construction had been that, in the very few instances where she found an item before we did that was not just right, “There was never an argument – BOWA would listen, understand and correct.” This gave Julie a great deal of trust and confidence in the team, freeing her to focus on other things.

Julie also commented on the responsiveness of BOWA’s Customer Service Team. “No matter the issue, even long after the project has been completed, BOWA’s team is there to set things right,” said Julie. “In talking with friends who chose other remodelers, it’s surprisingly clear that this type of follow through really is uncommon.”

Advice to others considering a project?

When asked, Julie had a few pieces of advice to offer others considering a project. The first was, “Ask lots of questions up front. If your remodeler can’t provide timely, specific answers, it might be an indication of their service, honesty and experience.” Julie’s second tip was to be available to make selections and attend meetings. “BOWA will stick to their schedule if you do your part to make decisions and select everything on time.”

Julie also mentioned she has since referred several people to BOWA. She said, “People are shocked when I say it was a perfectly delightful experience. I mean it. I want the team to come back and sit on the patio to enjoy the fruits of their labor.  Everyone at BOWA was pleasant and respectful.”

Lastly, Julie chuckled, “If you want to avoid marital strife during a remodel, hire BOWA. It’s well worth whatever small premium you may pay!”

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