Prepare for Warmer Temperatures with Spring Home Maintenance

As we turn the corner from cold winter days to the fresh start of spring, now is the time for spring home maintenance. Taking steps to inspect your home for winter-related damage, complete or schedule necessary repairs, and reset your home with spring cleaning are essential in maximizing your property value and preventing greater issues down the road. While it’s important to keep up with home maintenance all year long, we’re sharing some tips to help you prepare for warmer temperatures with spring home maintenance.

Rain Gutters, Downspouts & Low-Slope Roofs:
Inspect these items and carefully remove any accumulated debris. Complete this check four times per year to ensure effective drainage and avoid damage caused by trapped and accumulated water.

Underground Drainage:
Ensure that exterior stairwell and underground drains are cleared of debris to prevent overflow and unwanted water infiltration.

Exterior Grade:
Inspect the grading around your home’s exterior to keep water and excess moisture away from the structure. Add dirt to settled areas and remove excess mulch to allow water to easily flow away from the house.

Trees, Shrubs and Bushes:
Trim these items that surround your home to prevent damage to your roof, windows, and siding.

Wooden Decks, Railings, Steps and Windowsills:
Inspect wooden structures and details and repair damaged pieces, touch up paint or stain, and refinish uneven wooden surfaces.

Patios, Decks, Exterior Siding, Driveways and Sidewalks:
Pressure wash these items to renew them for spring by spraying away mold, dirt, algae, and grime. Regular cleanings extend the life of your property by preventing unwanted buildup and preserving the quality of your home.

Windows and Screens:
Wash window exteriors and check screens for holes. Disinfect mold where excess moisture has built up in windowsills.

Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC):
Have your HVAC systems serviced in both the spring and fall to ensure they are operating efficiently. The system inspection should include changing the filter, adjusting dampers to favor northern – as opposed to southern – rooms, clearing leaves and debris from outside units, checking AC refrigerant, and cleaning the AC condenser.

Other Important Items to Address this Spring:

  • Inspect all bathroom caulking and touch up as necessary.
  • Clean screens in showerheads and faucets to ensure optimal water flow.
  • For your appliances, consult your manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations, which should include steps such as cleaning screens on range hood vents, vacuuming refrigerator coils, replacing water filters, and more.
  • Inspect your septic system and clean out the tank every one to three years.
  • Inspect washing machine water hoses for cracks and the dryer vent for lint buildup.

Regularly maintaining your home will help you spend more time outside enjoying the warm weather and less time worrying about unexpected emergencies.  If you have any questions on spring maintenance for your home, let us know. We’re always happy to help.