6 Ways BOWA’s Condo Experts Maximize Space in Your Condo Renovation

BOWA’s condo design experts on navigating structural and spatial design challenges

In comparison to single family homes, condo renovations often present a unique set of challenges when it comes to redesigning a space. At BOWA, our condo design experts are equipped with the knowledge and tools to navigate structural challenges while finding the balance between functionality and aesthetics. See how working with our seasoned design experts can help maximize and create space in your luxury condo renovation.

Raise the Ceiling:
When working with our designers, architects, and production managers, our team can help create solutions to increase ceiling height when feasible. When this is not an option, incorporating the right materials, fixtures and finishes into your design can help trick the eye to create the illusion of added height.

Think Vertically:
When faced with the challenge of low ceiling height, our design experts focus on creating vertical visuals with floor-to-ceiling pieces. Drawing the eye upward with vertical shiplap or wallpaper, tall drapery and hanging light fixtures creates the illusion of height and added space.

Avoid Paint Color Contrast:
Choosing lighter shades of paint, such as whites and pastels, and reducing contrast in colors helps to reflect light and create the illusion of added space on walls, ceilings, trim, and railings.

Amplify Natural Light:
Our design experts utilize bright materials in kitchens, living spaces, and bedrooms where natural light is abundant to make smaller spaces feel larger. Incorporating reflective surfaces that amplify natural light creates the illusion of an airy space that feels more open.

Create Multifunctional Spaces:
Our design experts can create each space to serve multiple functions, allowing for less clutter throughout your home. Opting for multifunctional built-ins and custom cabinetry are thoughtful and intentional design choices that give you the ability to satisfy your unique needs in a limited space.

Bring Your Space to Life:
Whether you’re looking to pack your space with a punch or reflect your sense of style more subtly, our design experts love to utilize fun patterns, sophisticated finishes, layered textures, and various metals to bring life to your space, no matter the size.

At BOWA, our project teams are here to navigate every step of the renovation process in order to create the best experience for you and your neighbors. Our condo experts have the experience and knowledge to make the renovation process seamless from start to finish, leaving you and your family satisfied with your home for years to come.