Guide to Pet-Friendly Home Renovations

Accommodate your pet’s unique needs with pet-friendly home renovations

At the forefront of each renovation is the priority of improving your family’s comfort and happiness — and your four legged family members are no exception. With studies indicating that 66% of U.S. households include at least one pet, it’s no wonder many homeowners opt for pet-friendly home renovations. Our design experts can help incorporate your pet’s unique needs into your home design, ensuring big smiles and infinite tail wags from every member of your family.

Pet Doors, Gates, and Passthroughs

Accommodate every member of your family by installing pet doors, gates, or passthroughs that provide access to the outdoors or specific spaces in your home. Custom pieces offer sleek designs that fit with a variety of door styles or take advantage of hidden nooks. Additionally, pet doors to the outdoors can include magnetic sensors that only allow your pet to come and go, while keeping unwanted guests away.

Feeding Stations

A feeding station can provide your pets with a personalized space to enjoy their meals. Custom shelving built into kitchen cabinetry can include cutouts for bowls and nearby storage areas for large bags of food, treats, toys, and leashes. Water bowls that automatically refill can also be added by installing an additional water line to your feeding station.

Doggy Showers

Often located in a family foyer or garage, tiled barrier-free doggy showers are a popular option for pet cleaning stations. Designated pet bathing spaces are designed with functionality in mind, including hand-held shower heads and floor-level entry. Incorporate custom-painted tiles to feature your pet’s name, breed or other personalized visuals.

Hidden Litter Boxes

Hiding an unsightly litter box in a purchased piece of freestanding furniture or a uniquely designed custom cabinetry solution can prevent the spread of unwanted odors in your home. Family foyers, garages, and laundry spaces are popular locations to install your discreet litter box.

Sleeping Areas and Hideaways

Just like humans look forward to retiring at the end of the day, so do pets! Creating a built-in bed or crated area can provide your pet their own space to curl up in for an afternoon nap or escape from the hustle and bustle of company.

Window Watching

Including a custom shelf or cozy nook by your pet’s favorite window can give your furry friend the perfect place to watch birds or street traffic. Additionally, this space can provide your pet a sunny spot to bask in the afternoon sunlight.

Materials Selection

In addition to creating special features for your “fur babies”, you’ll want to make material selections with your pet in mind and our experienced designers can help. For example, if you have a dog that treats the foyer as a race track every time the doorbell rings, you’ll want to consider durability when selecting flooring for your home renovation. Or, if your dog does a full-body shake every time they come in from the rain, you’ll want to consider where they usually enter and spend some extra time discussing the paint finish and durability for that room. There’s lots to consider when remodeling with your pets in mind and our design specialists know just the questions to ask.

Pet-Friendly Construction

If you decide to stay in your home during a remodeling project, our team understands how to comfortably accommodate your four-legged friends throughout your pet-friendly home renovation. For example, signs can be posted to make sure certain doors remain closed and to ensure caution is used when entering particular rooms. While we’re always careful, extra care will be taken to ensure proper ventilation and hazardous materials are picked up from accessible construction areas to protect curious pets. We’ll also let you know if days will be particularly chaotic, noisy, or smelly so we can plan ahead. Perhaps a visit to doggy daycare, a road trip, or a long walk in the park would help to keep their…and your…stress levels in check.

We understand that your pet is a cherished member of your family. When working with our design experts, you’ll find the possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to special features that will make both you and your furry friends comfortable and happy.

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