BOWA’s Brand New Office Space – Tysons Corner, VA

BOWA’s office in Tysons, VA offers an abundance of perks

Before shifting back to an in-person work week following the pandemic, BOWA took the opportunity to renovate our office located in the Silverline Center of Tysons Corner, Virginia. The space is now more accommodating for our clients and offers a productive, enjoyable work environment for our team. BOWA In-House Designer, Lindsey Britten, spearheaded the re-design, and the BOWA team couldn’t have been more excited to get settled back in!

Homey Kitchen and Living Area

When you first walk into the space, you’re greeted with a warm welcome from BOWA’s administrative coordinator, Abigail Nass. As you head down the hallway and to the left, you’ll end up in our kitchen and living area. This bright and open space is where we have our team lunches, keep our delicious snacks and beverages, and spend time on our comfy couch. Next to this space, you’ll find our large conference rooms where we hold our team meetings, huddles, and presentations.

High-Tech Presentation Library

Also connected to the main area of our office is our presentation library. This is where our In-House Design Team works their magic and where we meet with our clients as they kickstart their renovation projects.

Personal Desks

As you exit the presentation library, you’ll see our employees’ desks that are organized by team (Design, Marketing, Customer Service, Sales, etc). During the work day, you’ll find our experts moving out and about the office, collaborating with one another, and of course, snacking from our candy jars.

Building Amenities

Aside from the magic within BOWA’s personal office space, there are many perks in the other parts of the building as well. With free parking, a fitness center featuring a golf simulator, daycare facilities, casual and sit-down dining, outdoor seating areas, sponsored events, and more, the Silverline Center is an incredible workspace that promotes energy and wellness.

Interested in Joining our Team?

One of BOWA’s five core values is great work in a fun atmosphere, and our brand-new office has created an environment where our employees can embody this core value every day. Read more about BOWA’s core values and purpose here.

If you’re interested in joining the BOWA team, visit our careers page to see what positions we’re hiring for and apply today!