A Deeper Dive into BOWA’s Core Values

As a 35-year-old company, BOWA recognizes and appreciates the value of having a strong company culture. From employee satisfaction and increased tenure to client loyalty, company profitability, and staying power, the benefits are seen throughout the company. The pillars of this strong culture are BOWA’s Core Values, an unwavering set of guiding principles that define why BOWA exists, the behaviors we expect from one another, and how decisions are made.

BOWA’s Core Values have remained largely intact since they were first defined in the early 1990’s. Hiring for and staying true to these Core Values have seen our company through the ups and downs of the economy and generations of clients’ families. They are part of the reason why 80% of our work each year is from returning clients and referrals, and our average employee tenure is nearly ten years…with almost a quarter of our team being here twice that!

BOWA’s Core Values and our adherence to them, have undoubtedly been a key to our success for so many years. Because of this, we reinforce and celebrate examples of them every chance we get. Through Core Value nominations read and a Core Value Hero named at every Quarterly Meeting, weaving them into our annual reviews and quarterly conversations, a detailed training when new employees begin, and wallet cards carried by employees, much focus is put on reinforcing these principles.

BOWA’s Core Values are:

1.) Heroic Customer Service

Our experts strive to deliver top-notch service at every interaction, whether that’s internally within our team, among our incredible partners, or for our cherished clients. At the core of each of our team members is a drive to surpass expectations and to ensure all needs are met and goals are accomplished. We have countless tales from clients about our team members going “above and beyond” and sharing that this is why they are so glad, even years later, that they chose BOWA to handle their project.

2.) Continuous Improvement

Maintaining a growth mindset and a firm commitment to always striving to improve our team members, processes, techniques, and construction quality has served us well throughout the years. It is what has enabled us to deliver the transformational results and remarkable client experiences for which BOWA is known. Some say, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” But, at BOWA, we are always looking to improve ourselves, our teams, and our company through development goals, trainings, and continuing education. 

3.) Integrity

Every goal we set and every promise we make to both our clients and our team members entails uncompromising transparency and devotion. Being invited into someone’s home is a demonstration of trust that we take very seriously. As such, we seek to earn this trust by always standing behind our work, doing the right thing, and following through on our promises and commitments. As the great British writer, C. S. Lewis, said, “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” Every member of the BOWA team is committed to this fundamental principle.  

4.) Great Work in a Fun Atmosphere

Balance is key! BOWA’s unwavering commitment to delivering extraordinary results is obvious in every one of our projects. But, we are also committed to creating an enjoyable and meaningful work environment for all of our team members! You can always find BOWA employees smiling, bonding as a team, and making the most of our time together, whether that’s in the office, on a project site, in an all-hands meeting, or at a company event. The Pizza Parties that we recently held at all of our project sites simultaneously are just one example!

5.) Sharing the Success

The beauty of BOWA’s culture is that we are all committed to sharing the success and celebrating the “wins” of our clients, company, and coworkers. We acknowledge and reward the contributions that every employee makes, we support each other and work towards common goals, and we freely share our knowledge so others can learn and grow. This has created an uplifting and encouraging work culture and ensured our team is full of kind, gracious, and driven individuals. For BOWA, Sharing the Success also includes our company-wide Profit Sharing and Ownership Programs, both of which are tremendous benefits to our employees.

The above Core Values guide BOWA towards greatness and allow us to deliver quality results and remarkable experiences for our clients and employees alike. If these Core Values “speak” to you and you are interested in exploring opportunities with an award-winning industry leader, like BOWA, apply for one of our available positions!