Your Trusted Advisor for Design Build Remodeling and Much, Much More


Trusted Advisor Everyone at BOWA is passionate about helping people make educated decisions regarding their homes. While our focus remains luxury design build renovations and additions ranging from master baths to whole-houses and condos, we are delighted to be a trusted advisor for ALL things home related.

BOWA’s new Home Partner Program is the solution for those projects that fall outside of our design build focus. The Home Partner Program is a network of trusted home-related resources to which we feel comfortable referring our clients, friends and colleagues. The network includes plumbers, electricians, media specialists and other related professionals that can often provide maintenance, repairs and service on a stand-alone basis.

Most importantly, the companies we refer to are selected based on their ability to deliver expert advice and service in a manner that aligns with BOWA’s standard of excellence and, from our experience, are comfortable working directly with homeowners. We’re happy to help assess your needs, make an appropriate referral and call ahead to ensure you are given the best possible care.

By providing reliable referrals as needed, our hope is that you’ll make BOWA your first call for all projects BIG and small.