Water Worries in the Home

Water. It makes up 70% of the Earth and our bodies need it to survive, but it can do serious damage around your home when not managed correctly. Heavy storms and humidity indoors and out mean that water can appear in unwanted spaces. Here are a few tips to keep your water worries at bay in and around your home.

BOWA Design Build Remodeling Water Worries Exterior Water Management Outside the Home

Outside, take steps to ensure all water flows away from the structure’s foundation. First, make sure your gutters are clear of debris and downspouts direct water away. Also, ensure the grading around the foundation has positive slope, a slight slope away from the house, so water doesn’t collect.

We recommend inspecting these areas seasonally, as well as after heavy storms. If you see water pooling, consult a landscaping professional to find a solution. As part of a pool house and barn project we completed, we built specialized drainage to correct an existing water accumulation issue and avoid runoff into the pool. The solution was correcting the grade of the land and adding a rock-lined stream bed, or swale, which guides the flow of water away from the new pool house and garden. The result is both functional and beautiful!

BOWA Design Build Remodeling Water Worries in your Bathroom Inside the Home

Inside the home, the bathroom is, not surprisingly, an area where water-related issues often arise. There’s nothing better than a hot shower after a long day. But are you aware of the damage steam can cause as it builds up?

Our customer service team is frequently called to resolve these issues. BOWA Customer Service Manager Nick Grossman recommends running your bathroom exhaust fan 30-60 minutes after you’re done showering to help ease the buildup of steam. If you hate to run yours because of the noise, consider a replacement as newer technology has allowed for quiet, sleek options. Keep in mind, a timer switch can be added to any fan, which can automatically turn the unit off after an hour saving you time and energy.

BOWA Design Build Remodeling Water Worries in your Home Other Places

Another water collection point you might not consider is your air conditioner. Your AC acts as a dehumidifier for your home, which gives you that sense of comfort as you step inside from the muggy outdoors. It grabs the extra moisture from the air inside your home and the condensed water is removed from the unit through a condensate drain. This should be checked by an HVAC professional during their seasonal maintenance in the spring and fall to ensure your air conditioner runs efficiently throughout the year.

Keep these water management tips in mind, as you prepare for the seasons ahead. If there is anything we can do to be of assistance, let us know!