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Car Enthusiast’s Garage Addition and Video Timelapse in Potomac, MD

Homeowner Challenge:

An avid car enthusiast, the homeowner of this stunning residence in Potomac, Maryland wanted a well-equipped garage to house his prized vehicles where they would be protected from the every-day bangs and dings which are inevitable in the average family garage.

The BOWA Solution:

The solution was a separate garage, but the challenge came when the only acceptable location was in an area with known drainage issues and limited accessibility. The largest challenge was water.  Drainage from numerous properties flows through the area where the addition is situated.  During the extensive excavation, the design build contractor established a redundant system of pumps with each unit tied to separate gasoline generators in case of power failure.  This extra degree of caution was taken to ensure the spectacularly renovated sport court under the existing garage would be spared should there be flooding or drainage issues in the future.  Even the record rainfalls that occurred during construction did not affect the finished spaces.

Project Highlights:

  • The final requirement was to eliminate flooding concerns going forward.  This was accomplished with a network of underground pumps and drains, which are tied to the whole-house natural gas generator and therefore not reliant on power service.
  • During the course of construction, complicated by the necessity of craning in all materials, the existing garages were fully operational for this active family on-the-go.  The end result solves critical water management issues, as well as provides well-appointed additional garage space.