Use the Holidays to Plan your Perfect Renovation

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Hard to believe that the holidays are upon us already!  Whether you’ll have a bustling full house or quiet family gatherings this year, the holidays are a great time to evaluate the functionality of your spaces. For instance, when family and friends arrive, where do they gather? Do guests feel welcomed and comfortable or in the way?  Are they able to mingle easily?  Does your home suit your family’s lifestyle?

If you’re considering a renovation, the holidays are the perfect time to start your planning!  When the dishes are put away and you put your feet up to relax, think back on how your space worked for you.  Take notes about what works and what doesn’t and create a wish list so you’re one step ahead when it’s time for a redesign. Here are some tips for how to use the holidays to plan your perfect renovation:

Think about your Space

Do you need more space or might reconfiguring the existing space achieve your goals?  Making note of tasks that are challenging or areas that

feel closed off, don’t flow well or present other hurdles can help your team design the perfect solution. For example, if you feel stuck in the kitchen while family and friends gather in your living room then reconfiguring to create a more open design could be the answer for you. If gathering platters and tablecloths is like a scavenger hunt, then perhaps a butler’s pantry might help.  Keep in mind, you don’t need to figure out the solution.  The first step is noting the need or challenge.

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Consider your Kitchen Layout

When baking grandma’s secret recipes, do you find yourself running back and forth too much or constantly bumping into your sous chefs? Maybe it’s time to reconsider your kitchen layout. Is your space and use pattern conducive to a traditional work triangle – the relative layout of your refrigerator, stove and sink? Or are you planning for a larger, more open kitchen and many cooks that would instead benefit from usable zones for cooking, prepping, entertaining, etc.  Anything missing that might be helpful, like an island, prep sink or wider walkways?  What functions seem cumbersome and inefficient? Having a list of tasks that go smoothly and those that don’t will be helpful during your planning session.

Wants, Needs, and Feels

While creating your wish list, consider if the items you write down are “wants” or “needs?” Clearly distinguishing between functional requirements, like to haves and nice additions if space and budget allow, will be a great help to your design team.  They can use this prioritized list to create a more enjoyable, useful area that maximizes your budget.

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Finally, a question our Chief Designer TJ Monahan asks our clients is how do you want your space to feel emotionally? Do you wish your home felt more relaxing, welcoming or exciting? Digging deeper and finding the driving factor behind your desire to remodel will help you ultimately create a space you can enjoy for years to come.

Taking the time during the holidays to build your wish list will help you better understand and communicate what kind of space will work best for you and your family. This way, hosting next year’s holidays in your home will be a breeze!