BOWA’s Chief Design Officer Launches :Designed Happy, The Book

McLean, Va. – BOWA is thrilled to announce that Chief Design Officer, TJ Monahan has launched :Designed Happy, The Book. This book contains the tools necessary to help you navigate the world of design and construction while having a positive experience with your renovation project.

For as long as he can remember, it has been TJ’s dream to design houses. It all started with Legos when he was a kid, and eventually, he found himself earning two degrees in Architecture from The Catholic University of America. TJ has worked in design, construction, and remodeling since 2001, and his passion for design-build grows with each new day.

When asked about why he decided to write Designed Happy, TJ stated, “Especially after COVID hit and face-to-face conversations became more challenging, I was looking for an efficient way to share my advice with those looking to start a renovation project.” He went on to describe seeing a trend in the information that his clients were seeking, and the concerns they voiced about starting a project. TJ also noted that, “There are times when people aren’t quite sure of the right questions to ask, or what professionals to seek help from.” His hope is that his book can serve as a guide for those feeling lost or intimidated by the process.

In summarizing what his key recommendations to those interested in remodeling are, TJ stated that, “The most important thing is for people to fully understand why they want to remodel their home. Many people think they have solved an issue, and they come up with their own solution without fully comprehending what the problem is or what their needs are.” TJ went on to emphasize how, “It’s also crucial for a client to hire a company that’s the right fit for them. Certain companies are better suited for certain projects in terms of the resources they provide. Then, after finding a company that’s the right fit, it’s important to find the person that’s the right fit. Working with people that you get along with and trust makes all the difference when it comes to sharing personal information and having honest conversations.”

For more insight from TJ and an in-depth guide into getting the most out of your remodeling experience, be sure to give this book a read!

If you’re considering a renovation and are interested in a copy, let us know.  Or, if you prefer, you can purchase one directly.