The Psychology Behind Home Remodeling – Colors

Now that we’ve discussed some of the psychological benefits of taking on a remodeling project, let’s dive deeper into how the specific design elements you choose for your new home can affect your psyche. Color is one element that contributes heavily to the overall atmosphere of a space. Aside from visual appeal, the color scheme that fills a room also has certain effects on our mood.

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When you first walk into a space, how do you feel? Is your mind called to feelings of calmness and tranquility, or do you feel energized? Perhaps you feel uplifted, but you could also be overcome with a sense of sadness. Color hues affect our psyches in different ways, and tuning into how a certain color makes you feel can really help you make decisions when it comes to transforming your home.

According to Color Psychology, light and neutral spaces bring forth feelings of relaxation while more colorful and vibrant spaces bring forth feelings of motivation and creativity. So, when selecting a color scheme, you should consider the type of tone that you want the room to create.

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Yellow sets a bright and positive tone. Relaxing yet uplifting, yellow is an ideal color for a bath or any other space that could use a little warmth and sunshine.


Blue brings forth feelings of peace and security. In rooms where you want to feel stable and productive, such as a home office, blue should definitely be an option you consider.


Green is a color that connects us to the outside world and represents growth. It is a great color to use in any space, perhaps a home library, to ease the mind with nature’s balance and beauty.


Red is fierce. Typically, when people walk into a room with an abundance of red shades, they feel their energy levels increase. This makes red a great choice for a game room, creative space, or even a bar/wine room.


While pink is commonly associated with little girl’s rooms, the right shade can be incredibly versatile. Pink is a non-threatening color, it has the ability to boost moods and inspire hope, affection, and warmth. Consider adding a touch of pink to add flair to any space!


Because brown is often linked to feelings of comfort, it is a desirable color for a living room. Brown furniture and finishes can have a relaxing effect on the mind while also complementing a wide variety of designs.

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There’s a reason black is a go to color. While it can be the perfect accent color and easily hides imperfections, it also carries an element of sophistication and power. A dining room can benefit from black furniture and décor.


Also a go to color, white is a neutralizer and creates a fresh-looking space. White is perfect for a laundry room due to its’ connection to hygiene and cleanliness.


Grey is another neutral color that represents balance. Tones of grey add depth and dimension to a space without being too noisy. A great option for a bathroom, grey is calming and can help clear your mind.

Let’s face it, we spend an abundance of our time surrounded by the chosen combination of colors inside of our homes, seemingly now more than ever. Harnessing Color Psychology as a powerful interior design tool can help you be more productive in certain spaces, like your home office, while more relaxed in others, like your bedroom and living room.

The psychology behind home remodeling is something that motivates BOWA to deliver spaces that our clients can genuinely call a home; spaces where families can live better lives and memories can be made. Our experts are here to help and will provide guidance through every step of the process.

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