Class is In: Remodeler holds quarterly in-house training sessions

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“BOWA Builders recently hosted its 50th in-house employee training session. The idea for the Virginia company’s quarterly “lunch and learn” sessions began with education for the production department but has expanded to include the design team and, in the last few years, invitations extended to select outside architects, home inspectors, and construction managers as well.

Doug Horgan, vice president, best practices, works with the production vice president, the COO, and the customer service department to set the agenda based on lessons learned from company projects. He invites a guest speaker, such as a subcontractor or a manufacturer’s rep familiar with the training topic and creates a presentation using BOWA’s photos. Recently, BOWA’s best tile sub spoke about bath tile waterproofing techniques.

Tailor-Made Training

For Horgan, planning the meeting is the most valuable part of his job, he says. “Where else do I get to have that type of impact on so many people in our company? My mission is to reduce construction defects. They’re a drag for our customers — and they’re expensive.”

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