project profile
Remarkable Kitchen and Second-Floor Renovation in Oakton

Homeowner Challenge:

After a successful first-floor renovation, these clients were confident returning to BOWA to improve the design and functionality of both the upper level and exterior of their home. Due to conflicting day-to-day schedules, they felt as though one shared suite wasn’t accommodating enough for their lifestyle. Along with creating a second primary bedroom and bath, they wanted to take the opportunity to revamp their daughter’s bathroom and closet, the goal being bright and feminine yet neutral enough to grow into. As for the exterior, the clients desired a more transitional look to be cohesive with the updated interior.

The BOWA Solution:

The initial project in 2021 featured a more up-to-date kitchen with better storage, a gas fireplace for the family room, larger windows, French doors to access the back deck, and refurbished hardwood flooring. Existing small doorways from room to room were removed in favor of large expansive pass-throughs, allowing natural light to filter through the house. When it came time to update the second floor, BOWA’s experts created individual suites by replacing what was once a home office. For each bath, BOWA’s designer used inspiration from the outdoors to implement a spa-like, earthy feel that aligned with the homeowners’ vision. In the daughter’s new bath, the space is playful and pink yet can easily be adjusted with time. The staircase leading back downstairs was re-stained and the balusters were replaced to enhance the foyer. Finally, a stunning new front door with flanking exterior lights and new garage doors announce the inspirations seen inside.

Project Highlights:

  • Updated kitchen and family room
  • Refurbished hardwood flooring and staircase
  • Organic rock cut granite sink
  • Zero-clearance showers with linear drains
  • Biophilic elements in place to bring the outdoors in
  • Larger windows to highlight forest view

  • Design by TJ Monahan and Ryan Van Sickel
  • Photography by Bob Narod