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Williamsburg-Inspired Design Details in New Pool House Construction

Homeowner Challenge:

Our clients in Great Falls knew their original pool house was underperforming. The landscaping around the pool area created a serious problem with water runoff whenever it rained, and the building’s basic design with a small kitchenette, limited HVAC, and dated style was not conducive to the entertaining area they desired. The clients saw the potential to make this underutilized area of their home useful, beautiful and the ultimate staycation getaway.

The BOWA Solution:

The design of this project started first with landscape to create three distinct areas including the main house, the pool area, and the barn. Drainage was designed so water would easily flow down specific routes, avoiding flooding and runoff into the pool. The new pool house was designed with entertainment in mind. It features a full kitchen, high ceilings that mimic the ceiling height in the original house, and adequate HVAC so it can be utilized throughout the year. The multipurpose space is now a comfortable getaway and beautiful entertaining area for our clients to use any time of the year.

Project Highlights:

  • Larger windows and doors create a better connection to outdoors, providing easier access to and beautiful views of the patio.
  • A half bathroom and large changing room conveniently located near the pool.
  • Williamsburg inspired design details throughout the house.