BOWA’s Neighbor Management Programs

At BOWA, every member of our team considers it a privilege to be invited into our client’s homes and to work in their communities. We understand that a renovation project has the potential to inconvenience your neighbors. And we get that your relationship with these folks continue AFTER the project is completed. Because of that, it’s important that we do all we can to minimize the disruption and maximize good relations. To help, we have a number of programs designed to proactively manage neighbor communications, avoid the usual hassles, and thank those surrounding our projects for their patience during our stay.

Emergency Contact Cards

As a renovation takes off, one of our neighbor management programs involves delivering what we call “Emergency Contact Cards” to our client’s immediate neighbors. These cards include contact information for our full-time, onsite Project Manager and others familiar with the project in case any challenges or emergencies arise. Our goal is to give them the information they need so that if something does come up they know who to call and we can get it resolved quickly.

Start of Project and End of Project Mailers

In addition to communicating to our clients’ immediate neighbors, we also alert others living close by that we are beginning and/or wrapping up a project in the area. We do this by mailing postcards that outline our goals while onsite and provide contact information in case there is anything we can do or could have done to make our stay in the neighborhood less disruptive.

Home Cleanup Days

When it makes sense and the client approves, BOWA hosts Home Cleanup Days as a way of saying thank you to the neighbors. During these events, we invite folks to use our onsite dumpster to dispose of accumulated, unwanted, and bulky items. Our Project Leaders are usually onsite to answer questions about the project, and our team is available to help load things into the dumpster. We even come prepared with tasty treats as a reward for decluttering your home!

Parking & Logistics

Depending on the scope and duration of a project, there can be hundreds of people in and out of a job site. This can present a challenge for neighbors, particularly if the home is on a busy street. Using signage, scheduling techniques, and other best practices, our full-time onsite Project Manager carefully manages the logistics with these folks to minimize hassles.

Onsite Project Manager

Lastly, every BOWA project is staffed with an onsite Project Manager because our 35 years in the industry tell us it creates a better experience for everyone, clients and neighbors alike. This person is an experienced residential construction professional who has seen the challenges construction can present for neighbors and does everything they can to avoid them. They manage all the day-to-day logistics to help ensure the project runs smoothly and efficiently, proactively communicate with neighbors when times are busier or more disruptive, enforce safety requirements and best practices, and address issues quickly if they do arise. BOWA’s Project Manager is readily available as a first point of contact for all our clients and neighbors and one of the keys to the success of every project. In fact, our clients rave about their Project Managers and actually miss them when they’re gone! (ever hear of that before?)

We hear these programs go a long way! One neighbor, after receiving a small gift to thank them for their patience during the project, commented, “BOWA belongs in a museum for that because nobody does anything like that anymore.” And, a note from a client, whose project just wrapped up while other builders’ projects were still going on, included, “…BOWA came out looking head and shoulders vs. the other builders…your team’s attention to making sure all the small things went smoothly made a huge difference.” We love to receive this type of feedback.

Overall, because many of the neighborhoods and condo buildings that we provide work in are tight-knit communities, it’s important to us to keep each of our project’s neighbors happy. Through these various neighbor management programs, our goal is to be as attentive to our clients’ neighbors as we are to our clients!

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