Mega-fun at home in a sports center

Featured in: The Washington Timeswashington-times

Excerpt:  If you want your home to become the center for neighborhood activity, one of the best ways to do it is to create an indoor sports space for your children and their friends. “A lot of people want their place to be the one where people gather,” said Steve Kirstein, a principal with BOWA, a design-build and remodeling company based in McLean. “The places with the best toys are always where everyone wants to go. Creating a space in your home where the kids and you can be active is also a healthy alternative or addition to a home theater.”…BOWA completed a remodeling project for homeowners in Potomac in 2010 to finish a full basement along with a 450square-foot addition to the space. “We created a sports court which basically functions as a rumpus room with cushioned walls and composite resin floor for cushioning,” Mr. Kirstein said. “The space has low basketball nets that are the right height for the kids, but they can also play roller hockey and just roughhouse in the room.” The basement also has a dance studio with a ballet barre and mirrored walls for dance and exercise, a pub for the adults with a restaurant booth similar to one from “Seinfeld,” a billiard and game room, and a craft room. There even are Murphy beds for sleepovers. “Typically, we’ll do things like this in larger homes, but for little kids, you need less space,” Mr. Kirstein said. “You need less space than you think you do to add a sports facility, but the space needs to be well thought out.” For More Information: