Making a Splash – Bathroom Design Trends

Featured in: Washingtonianwashingtonian

Excerpt:  Spa-like details such as glass tile and soothing colors are a trend in home bathrooms…The bathroom itself, though, isn’t necessarily bigger. “People are looking for a more open feel but typically looking to work within the existing space,” says Josh Baker, founder of BOWA, a builder in McLean and Middleburg. “There’s a trend toward the master bath not being as expansive as it used to be. Years ago, some bathrooms were almost opulent. With the trend toward sleek sophistication, you don’t need that much space if it’s well done.”… One way to make a bathroom feel lighter is glass walls. “We do more glass walls than we used to,” says BOWA’s Josh Baker. “Whether it’s in the shower or some sort of opaque glass that can hide a toilet area, it gives a sense of light, of spaciousness.”…One trend that’s fading is showers with open entrances. “We do less of those now,” says Josh Baker. “There’s concern now about closing them in to keep the shower warm.”…

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