Effective Lighting and Technology Solutions

The Importance of Light and Sound

From a design standpoint, lighting, sound, and other technology solutions can make all the difference in either a home or a workspace. Light is essential when it comes to visibility and human physiological function, while a quality sound system is a valuable addition to any space. Choosing a company with the right knowledge that can craft customized systems is crucial when it comes to achieving luxury, comfort, and beauty in a space.

BOWA’s Partnership with Bethesda Systems

For over 20 years, BOWA has partnered with Bethesda Systems to bring our clients the most effective lighting and technology solutions for their homes. As an industry leader in residential, institutional, and commercial technology integration, Bethesda Systems helps create atmospheres that are full of ambience and functionality. They provide smart home technology that entails a flawless command of lighting, entertainment, climate control, and security. They also provide motorized window treatments, multi-room music, networking, voice control, home theaters, Wi-Fi, energy automation, and outdoor entertainment.

Mike Wilson Presents at BOWA

Because of BOWA’s history of success partnering with Bethesda Systems, when it came to renovating our McLean office, we knew who we could trust. Their experts helped create an ideal workspace for our employees that features dynamic lighting, shading control, and an effective speaker system.

Mike Wilson, owner of Bethesda Systems, held a training for our employees on the solutions that were implemented in BOWA’s brand new office. Mike demonstrated how the lights in our presentation library dim smoothly, can be angled, and have flexible modules. He also explained how the shades they installed in this room have a specific openness factor, which refers to how much light can pass through. Lastly, he showed how our new speaker system is “invisible” inside of the ceiling and utilizes the drywall to disseminate sound. These features have created an atmosphere that will benefit our client meetings and allow our employees to accomplish important tasks.

BOWA Design Build Kitchen and Owner's Bath Renovation in Great Falls, VA

Solutions that Enhance and Empower

Ultimately, the right lighting and technology solutions enhance everyday life for homeowners and empower companies to achieve their goals. At BOWA, we want only the best for our clients and for our employees, which is why we choose to work with Bethesda Systems.

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