JLC – Dealing With Out-of-Level Kitchen Ceilings

Journal of Light Construction Featured In: Journal of Light Construction, October 2018

Excerpt: “When you’re remodeling a kitchen, it’s rare to find a floor that’s actually level—stranger still if the walls are plumb and the ceiling is level as well. While it’s normal for carpenters and cabinet installers to adjust for some variations in a room, we sometimes need to work with rooms that aren’t even close to level. I recently presented a conference on this topic at JLC Live. In that session, I covered floors, ceilings, and walls that were out of level and plumb, but here I’ll focus on ceilings. Leave the cabinets short. One line of attack with an out-of-level ceiling is to keep the cabinets well below the ceiling plane. An open space of 6 or more inches can hide a lot of variation. We Doug Horgan, BOWA VP of Best Practices recently went this route in a kitchen where the plans called for a vertical fascia above the cabinets. We initially installed the fascia but discovered a 1 1/2-inch drop in one corner of the ceiling. Completing the fascia would have accentuated the drop. After consulting with the architect and the client, we removed the fascia and installed uplighting above the cabinets. This hid the out-of-level problem, and the clients liked the uplighting…”

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