project profile
Industrial Chic Row Home Renovation in Dupont Circle, DC

Homeowner Challenge:

The young couple who purchased this 1885 row home in Dupont Circle knew they would need to renovate to fit their growing family and unique design ideas. The townhouse’s traditional design was dated and didn’t match their personalities. The challenges of this renovation included a lack of natural light, a closed floor plan, and a generally dated look.

The BOWA Solution:

A renovation that touched almost every part of the house began with the BOWA team redesigning the dated stairs that obstructed the flow of natural light from the top-floor skylight. Structural changes were necessary to accommodate the design of the stairs. A perforated steel material was custom designed to allow light to pass and give a light and airy feel to all levels. The homeowners’ industrial aesthetic was achieved by opening the wall to the kitchen from the living room, pouring concrete flooring on every level and incorporating the homeowners’ beloved vintage doors. The owners loved the look of the brick wall exposed during construction, that separated their neighbor’s unit from their own, and modifications were made to incorporate it into the design. By painting the brick white, it not only added uniformity to the wall and brighten the space, but also created a seal to meet energy code and help reduce future energy costs. This feature also created the perfect canvas for the owners’ colorful, vintage commercial signs.

Project Highlights:

  • Custom fabricated steel, perforated stairs that allow natural light flow from the skylight above
  • Custom steel kitchen table extends from the large kitchen island complementing the design of stairs
  • Exposed brick wall along staircase on all levels
  • Incorporation of client’s vintage doors, windows, range hood, and commercial signage that adds to the overall industrial aesthetic
  • Fortified original exterior façade