Home Design: The Man Behind the Bus

Featured on: Washingtonlife.com

Excerpt:Washington Life Magazine

“Any Ty Pennington fan is familiar with his famed demand to “Move that Bus” on the ABC show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. But as the show approaches its last episode (Monday December 17), Washington Life wanted to introduce you to a side of the show you may not have been familiar with. With each house, behind Pennington stood 4000 volunteers working tirelessly to build a home from scratch in seven days, not to mention the scores of companies who donated the necessary materials. In order to keep all these people working cohesively and efficiently, a project manager was needed. Enter Warrenton resident Tim Burch, now a project leader for BOWA, who filled the role of Lead Project Manager for three years. We recently caught up with the local to pick his brain about what it really takes to build a house from scratch in seven days, and to make sure everything is beautiful when Pennington moves that bus.

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