Even our Pets Get a Place of Their Own

Pets With surveys indicating that nearly 65% of U.S. households include at least one pet and 84% of pet owners say their pets make their home life healthier, it’s no wonder many homeowners take their pets into consideration when it’s time to remodel. In fact, there are numerous things people are doing to make their homes more comfortable and functional for both human and pet residents.

Doggy Showers

Often located in a family foyer or garage, tiled barrier-free doggy showers are an increasingly popular option. Special designs with little or no curb and a hand-held sprayer at a lower level make easy work of rinsing off muddy paws after a romp in the backyard or giving Rover a full bath. Many even opt to use custom-painted tiles featuring their own pet’s breed and other themed graphics.

Feeding Stations

Depending on your needs and the allowable space, a feeding station can get pretty elaborate. Consider a custom shelf built into kitchen or family foyer cabinetry, with cutouts for bowls and a nearby storage area suitable for large bags of food, treats, toys and leashes. To take it a step further, one may install a water line and faucet with an automatic water attachment – as their pets drink, the bowl is automatically refilled.

Hidden Litter Boxes

Many chose to hide an unsightly litter box in some type of enclosure, whether it’s a purchased freestanding piece or a specially designed area in custom cabinetry with a whimsical cat-shaped cutout entry. Family foyers are a common location, but with a bit of carpentry work, you may be able to provide Fluffy access to the garage or another out of the way location.

Pet Doors

Since they first entered the market, pet doors have come a long way. Now with styles that fit into French doors, panels that fit in screen doors, some that (believe it or not) accommodate pets up to 220 pounds, and infrared and magnetic key options, pet doors are a great way to give your four-legged family members access to the great outdoors. Some people even chose to create special doors inside the home allowing access to a room even when the “people door” is closed.

Sleeping Areas and Hideaways

Just like humans look forward to retiring to the peaceful sanctuary that is their bedroom, so do pets! Consider creating a built-in bed or crate area in your laundry room or family foyer where your companion can curl up for an afternoon nap or escape from the hustle and bustle of company.

Reality TV

Give your pet their own version of “reality television” in the form of a window seat or low windows that give them a view of what’s going on outside. Just like teenagers, pets can entertain themselves for hours on end by just staring at “reality TV.”

Pet-Friendly Construction

If you decide to stay in your home during a remodeling project, there are many things that can be done to make the environment more safe and comfortable for your pet. For example, signs can be posted to make sure certain doors remain closed and caution is used when entering particular rooms. Also, extra care should be taken to ensure hazardous materials are picked up from accessible construction areas to protect curious pets. Chances are your pet is an important member of the family. With a bit of careful planning you’ll see that there are many features that can be added and materials that can be used to make your beautiful home more pet friendly – for pets and owners alike.