Worried About a Renovation Being Too Disruptive?

BOWA Experts Are Here to Make Sure Your Remodeling Experience is Manageable and Stress Free

The beauty of a renovation project is being able to add, update, or take away the features necessary to make your home more suitable for your family and lifestyle. However, the thought of your busy home turning into a construction zone, or the time you’ll need to spend supervising can leave you questioning even the most rewarding projects. At BOWA, we understand, which is why we go the extra mile to provide our clients with the most manageable remodeling experience possible. We’ve finetuned our processes over decades, but BOWA’s team of experts makes sure to understand your specific concerns and incorporate them into our plan of action as we move into the construction phase of your project.

Fulltime Supervision

BOWA’s dedicated onsite supervisors, we call them Project Managers, are tasked with orchestrating the entire process, making sure each remodeling project is run efficiently and that the numerous craftspeople and specialists involved are properly managed. This helps to ensure projects are delivered on time, on budget, and to BOWA’s unmatched standards for residential construction. Your Project Manager is readily available to answer your questions, address your concerns, and manage any challenges that may arise. They are also responsible for ensuring that the remaining items below are executed as planned.

Running a Clean Job Site

Over many years, BOWA has refined a series of effective surface protection and dust control techniques:

  • “Dust walls” are built to enclose work areas and crea te a barrier between the workspace and the rest of the home.
  • A “negative air” technique is used whenever practical, which involves creating a lower air pressure within the workspace compared to the surrounding area. As a result, air is sucked into the work area, drawing dust away from the house.
  • HVAC vents are blocked or filtered to ensure your system is protected from dust and debris.
  • BOWA utilizes wet methods, continual cleaning, vacuuming, and other work methods to minimize dust creation.
  • Proper materials are used to protect specific types of surfaces from foot traffic, dust/debris, dropped tools, liquid spills, scrapes, etc.

For more information, check out this presentation by Vice President of Best Practices and Owner, Doug Horgan, along with Project Manager, Tom Johnson.

Adhering to an Aggressive Schedule

BOWA’s goal is to get our clients back into their newly re novated home as soon as possible, and there are numerous steps we take to help make this a reality. First, every project has a written production schedule with a defined substantial completion date before construction begins. Secondly, we ensure that all subcontractors are sequenced properly and that all materials will be on hand, when needed, to avoid unnecessary delays. Additionally, mid-project client walkthroughs are put in place to help avoid rework, quality standards and best practices are communicated to subs in advance, inspections are scheduled in a timely manner, and much more. Your onsite Project Manager is the key to making this all happen seamlessly.

Temporary Kitchen/Temporary Laundry

Even during construction, your family needs to eat, and clothes get dirty! So, for projects involving a kitchen or laundry room, BOWA often sets up an out-of-the-way temporary space for homeowners to maintain these daily functions. In addition, Dinner on BOWA is provided, which entails a gift card to a nearby restaurant for you to be able to enjoy a dining experience once your kitchen is taken out of service.

Effective and Ongoing Communication

BOWA is committed to maintaining effective communications with clients throughout the entire design and construction process, through regular weekly meetings and reports. This helps to ensure that all parties are up to date, and issues and questions are addressed in a timely manner.

Away by BOWA

If your concerns stem from a hectic travel schedule, planned vacation, or seasons spent elsewhere, you’ll find great reassurance in Away, by BOWA℠.  This is our proprietary process for keeping our clients informed and accommodating their needs without them having to come back to the area for meetings and project oversight. You can travel in peace knowing that your project is being properly managed back at home.

Client Aftercare

As your project winds down, you’ll be introduced to one of BOWA’s dedicated customer service managers, who will remain with you from project close through a lifetime of enjoyment. Exclusively for BOWA clients, the team is available for emergency calls whenever the need arises, and to assist with warranty items or future small projects.

Your BOWA Team is committed to delivering not just stunning transformations, but remarkable client experiences as well. This involves understanding your concerns and properly addressing each throughout the entire remodeling process. While making that initial phone call can be daunting, you and your family deserve to explore your options, and we’re confident that we can help you put your concerns to rest.