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Design Solutions Impact How We Feel Every Day

Have you ever visited a hot new restaurant and wondered, ‘What makes this place stand out?’ While it largely depends on the quality of food, successfully designed interiors can help elevate the overall dining experience and increase a customer’s chance of returning. Is the restaurant’s brand incorporated through the finishes and materials chosen? How is the overall lighting and ambiance? Is the setting loud and vivacious, or is it more of an intimate date night spot? Are appropriate clearances given around furniture and in high-traffic areas? How does the front of the house relate to the back of the house? Properly executed design solutions address and respond to individual needs by creating spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Let’s break this down into your home’s kitchen and the many questions you may have, that we as design professionals can address to achieve specific design solutions. In your kitchen space, do you have adequate storage, or is clutter making you feel unorganized and anxious? A well-designed kitchen that incorporates personalized storage solutions offers a place for every gadget, hides the visual mess, and in turn, makes you feel more productive and at ease. 

Properly executed design solutions

What colors and textures have you incorporated into your space? Are they pleasant to look at, and do they create a desired feeling? Certain color schemes and finishes reflect peace and serenity, while others have a more energetic and lively effect. Here is an example of how neutral tones and softer materials can dampen sound and create a calming sense of quiet and warmth.

If you’re going for a more dramatic feel, have you chosen colors that are vibrant, bold, and dynamic? Here is an example of how contrasting elements can help add variety and emphasis to a space.

Extraordinary Whole-House Renovation in Great Falls, VA
Great Falls VA Traditional Kitchen Island

Does your kitchen offer appropriate lighting for daily tasks, or do you find yourself feeling eye strain and discomfort? It’s important for light bulbs to have the right color temperature as harsh lighting and glare can cause irritability and fatigue. Here is an example of how effective lighting design is achieved through the combination of ambient, task & accent lighting.

Is your kitchen suitable for entertainment, and does it give your guests the right impression? You might be someone who enjoys hosting friends and family but find yourself kitchen conscious of how they feel in your space. Is there adequate seating, or do you often feel cramped and uncomfortable? Is it time to create that open-concept kitchen you’ve always dreamed about to help connect areas in your home?

Leesburg Kitchen Renovation - Industrial Loft Kitchen Design - Client Experience
Washington DC Kitchen Renovation

Does your kitchen contain unique elements and features that represent your personality? A fun backsplash is one way to amp the aesthetic of your space, and with so many colors and materials to choose from, they can help incorporate that sense of “you”.

Overall, your kitchen is the heart of your household, and it’s important that it functions for the way your family lives. Creating beautiful and functional spaces is essential to any design project, but even more important is how these finished spaces make us feel. Just like in popular restaurants, properly executed design solutions are key in setting the right tone for our kitchens and making sure guests are eager to return.

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