Design Build Remodeling Contractor Gives Back

Earlier this year, BOWA launched a new company logo and updated our company gear to go with it.  In part, the reason for the change was to help people understand that as a design build renovation contractor, we are more than just builders.  Hence, BOWA Builders became BOWA.  We think this is an important distinction since we specialize in both the design and construction of residential additions and renovations.  

BOWA Team Photo

Not wanting anything to go to waste, BOWA collected all company clothing with the old logo that was still in wearable condition.  Over 500 items were collected and once boxed and sorted, the charitable group Fashion Delivers connected us with Operation Compassion who paid to ship our boxes to their headquarters where it could be directed to help in the Haitian relief effort.  BOWA is thrilled to be able to give back in this way.