Design Build Remodeling – A Smarter Way to Remodel

Design build remodeling yields better client experience

Design Build Remodel Team Today’s homeowners are extremely educated about what they want in a home. Travel, home shows, the internet and a greater focus on creating a comfortable environment, have led homeowners to be very particular about what renovations they do and how they go about them. The BOWA design build process is perfect for homeowners who want to play a more active role in their project, but it also offers numerous other benefits ranging from total accountability to significant cost savings.

A Streamlined Process and Total Accountability
The design build process is “one-stop-shopping” for home remodeling. When you start down the design build path with BOWA, you’ll find we provide a single point of accountability to walk your renovation through every step of the experience from project feasibility and needs assessment to drawing, selecting and budgeting on through to construction and beyond. We involve specialists, such as engineers, lighting experts and landscape architects, as needed, but ultimately we OWN every facet of your project and are responsible for ensuring your satisfaction.

The Value of Construction Expertise
When BOWA’s design and construction professionals work collaboratively on a design solution, the homeowner wins. The layout, material selections and planning all benefit from the real-world experience of the folks who are actually responsible for getting the project in the ground. BOWA’s construction professionals work directly with the design team to specify materials that are reliable, make sure drawings are clear and accurate and address challenges up front to lay the groundwork for a smooth production process and the highest-quality result. Perhaps most importantly, by working side-by-side the construction experts are regularly estimating the production costs to ensure that the final design is specifically tailored to the client’s budget.

Greater Efficiency = Time and Cost Savings
The design build process with a reliable partner like BOWA is the most efficient approach to residential construction.  First, during the design phase, the cycle is significantly reduced because at each milestone we’re checking in with the homeowner to guarantee that the design and estimated costs balance both their needs and budget. This avoids major reworks, which are costly and time consuming. And, from a production perspective, we’re also identifying opportunities for value engineering, pre-planning for future phases of work and specifying long-lead items all of which are steps to reducing project costs and duration.

After 25 years in business and hundreds of client surveys, the BOWA Team knows that design build remodeling is the best way to ensure our clients receive the highest-quality results, the best experience and the greatest value possible. To take it one step further, BOWA’s commitment to heroic customer service, extended warranty and price and schedule guarantees provide our clients with additional peace of mind. Let BOWA be your guide through every step of the remodeling process.