Are You Going About Your Condo Search the Right Way?

Consider These Condominium Search Tips

The renovation of luxury condominium apartments continues to be one of the fastest growing segments of what we specialize in at BOWA.  While we’ve done this type of work for over two decades, there is no question the pace and frequency has increased in recent years. At this point, we’re fortunate to have five to seven condo renovations in the works at any given time.  A quick glance around the DC metropolitan region shows this is in line not only with purchase statistics, but also with the much-publicized trend of folks moving toward the condo lifestyle.

Something we hear all too frequently is, “I’d love to simplify, but I can’t find anything acceptable in the buildings I’d want to live in.”  The answer to this quandary may surprise you:  You might not be approaching your search correctly.  Instead of looking for perfect, look for potential. Don’t see a problem, see opportunity. With a remodeling advocate on your search team, you can quickly evaluate your options and move forward with confidence. This is exactly what BOWA does.

When asked to assist with a condo search, we first tap into our network of realtors, building managers, condo clients, and other industry partners to determine what units are out there that the general public may be unaware of.  Having worked in more than 21 buildings, our network is extensive and yields great results.

Next, we advise prospective buyers to keep an open mind.  More likely than not the perfect unit doesn’t exist.  Rather than limit their search to already renovated units, which include someone else’s taste and design criteria, we encourage buyers to seek opportunities to impart their own style, functionality and selections. This revised mindset greatly expands the pool of available units.

The main reason folks will avoid this alternate path is time and risk.  But what if you could know prior to writing an offer the costs, timing and level of finish of a future renovation?  What if you could have a fixed price prior to construction, which includes all architecture and permitting costs?  That is what BOWA has figured out how to do and delivers time and again.  This is the reason our Condo Renovation division continues to grow year over year.

If you’re interested, please reach out.  It’s worth a conversation.

Guest Blog by 
Steve Kirstein
Principal, BOWA